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  1. hashtag - a word or a phrase with a "#" before it, that marks something as belonging to a certain category or relevant

  2. hassle - to annoy somebody or cause them trouble, especially by asking them to do something many times รบกวน, ก่อกวน รบกวน

  3. hassles - situations causing difficulty or trouble ความยุ่งยาก

  4. haste - (too much) speed ความรีบเร่ง

  5. hasten - to make something happen sooner or more quickly เร่งมือ

  6. hastily - hurriedly; quickly อย่างรีบเร่ง

  7. hasty - said, made or done very quickly, especially when this has bad results รีบเร่ง, เร่งด่วน

  8. hat-trick - three points, goals, etc. scored by the same player in a particular match or game; three successes achieved by one person การที่ผู้เล่นกีฬาคนหนึ่งๆ สามารถทำความสำเร็จในกีฬานั้นๆ ได้สามครั้ง ในการเล่นครั้งหนึ่งๆ เช่น นักฟุตบอลทำประตูได้ 3 ประตูในเกมเดียว ใช้ในกีฬาเช่น ฟุตบอล, คริกเก็ต, ฮ๊อกกี้

  9. hatch - (of insects or animals) to be born from eggs ออกจากไข่

  10. hatch - the birth of a lot of insects or animals from eggs

  11. hatch - the birth of a lot of insects or animals from eggs ออกจากไข่

  12. hatch - to plan something new คิดวางแผน (อย่างลับๆ)

  13. hate - to dislike someone/something very much เกลียด

  14. hate mongering - saying things to make people hate each other

  15. hatred - a very strong feeling of dislike for somebody/something ความเกลียดชัง

  16. haul - an usually large amount of something that has been stolen or is illegal or something that has been taken from criminals by the police ของที่ถูกขโมยไปหรือถูกยึดไป

  17. haul - the number of wins, pints, or successes that someone gets

  18. haul - to pull something heavy slowly and with difficulty ลาก

  19. hauled up - pulled something heavy slowly and with difficulty ดึงขึ้นไป

  20. haunt - (of a ghost) to appear in a place repeatedly หลอกหลอน

  21. haunt - a place that someone visits often because they enjoy going there

  22. haunt - to cause repeated trouble, suffering or anxiety ทำให้กังวล, รบกวน

  23. haunting - beautiful in a way that makes you feel sad ที่ตรึงอยู่ในความเศร้าโศก

  24. haunting - causing repeated suffering or anxiety ทำให้กังวล

  25. have a bite to eat - eat something, usually small amount

  26. have a handle on - to have under control ควบคุมได้

  27. have a history - a record of something happening frequently in the past life of a person, family or place; the set of facts that are known about somebody's past life มีประวัติ

  28. have a say - to have the right to influence something by giving your opinion before a decision is made มีสิทธิในการแสดงความเห็น

  29. have a soft spot for - like very much ....

  30. have designs on - to be planning to get something for yourself, often in a way that other people do not approve of

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