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  1. take the lead - to be the leader of a group, activity, etc. เป็นผู้นำ

  2. take the plunge - finally do something big and important that you have been waiting to do

  3. take the rap for - to take responsibility for something bad that has happened รับผิดชอบ

  4. take the reins - take control of

  5. take the wheel - to drive a vehicle ขับรถ

  6. take to task - to criticise very strongly; to blame someone for something ดุด่า, ว่ากล่าว

  7. take to the streets - when large number of people go out and do something on the streets (such as protest)

  8. take turns - (of a number of people) to do the same thing one after the other สลับกัน

  9. take under your wing - to take care of and help somebody who has less experience of something than you

  10. take up - to start doing a particular job or activity เริ่มทำ

  11. take up residence - to move in and live somewhere

  12. take with a dose of salt - to not believe something too easily but there is a good chance it is false

  13. take your breath away - to cause you to be very surprised ทำให้ประหลาดใจมาก

  14. take-off - leaving the ground and beginning to fly บินขึ้น

  15. take-up - when people start using a new service that is available

  16. takeaway - a shop that sells meals that you take home to eat

  17. takedown - a move in which a wrestler quickly gets his/her opponent down to the floor from a standing position

  18. taken aback - to be shocked or surprised, especially by something that someone says or does to you ตะลึง

  19. taken the law into your own hands - instead of letting the police or authorities deal with a situation, do something, perhaps illegal, all by yourself, in defiance of authorities

  20. taken to - starting to do something, as a habit taken to drink, taken to calling

  21. taken with - to find somebody/something attractive or interesting ติดใจ

  22. takeoff - when an airplane leaves the ground at the beginning of a flight going somewhere; departure การร่อนขึ้นจากพื้นดิน, การบินขึ้น

  23. takeover - an act of taking control of a company, organisation, etc. การครอบครอง

  24. taking charge - taking control เข้าควบคุม บงการ

  25. taking company public - selling stock and part ownership in a company to the public for the first time; doing an IPO

  26. taking its toll - causing problems

  27. taking the plunge - deciding to do something and doing it

  28. talcum powder - a soft white powder made from talc that you sometimes put on your body after having a bath or a shower แป้งโรยตัวและทาหน้า

  29. tale - a story

  30. tale - story เรื่องเล่า

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