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  1. snap - to make a sudden sharp sound มีเสียงดังแหลม

  2. snap - took a lot of photographs quickly ถ่ายรูป

  3. snap - done quickly without much warning or preparation

  4. snap - to bite suddenly with great strength กัดอย่างรุนแรง

  5. snap - to break something suddenly with a sharp noise; to be broken in this way แตกและมีเสียงดังแหลม

  6. snap - decided or arranged very quickly, without much thought, preparation, or warning คล่องแคล่ว

  7. snap election - an election that is called before it is required by law การเลือกตั้งทั่วไปที่จัดทำขึ้นก่อนครบวาระการบริหารประเทศของรัฐบาลที่บริหารงานอยู่

  8. snap out - to cause someone to wake up or to pay attention again ปลดปล่อย (ความรู้สึก), เอาออกมา

  9. snap up - to quickly and eagerly buy or take control of something

  10. snapped - took a lot of photographs quickly ถ่ายรูป

  11. snapshot - (in football) a shot that is taken very quickly or suddenly

  12. snapshot - a photograph, especially one taken quickly ภาพถ่ายเร็ว

  13. snarl - to become caught or twisted; to make something do this; to involve somebody/something in a situation that stops their movement or progress; to become involved in a situation like this ทำให้ติดขัด

  14. snarl-up - a traffic jam; a situation where traffic is unable to move การจราจรติดขัด

  15. snarl-up - congestion, a traffic jam, filled with vehicles so traffic can't move การจราจรติดขัด

  16. snatch - (in weightlifting) lifting the barbell to an overhead position in one smooth continuous movement ท่ายกน้ำหนักท่าแสนช

  17. snatch - to take or get something quickly คว้า

  18. snatch - to take or get something quickly ฉุด, ฉก, ดึง, กระชาก, คว้า

  19. snatch-and-grab - to illegally take something from someone quickly by hand

  20. sneak - (past: snuck) to go somewhere secretly, trying to avoid being seen เดินหลบ,เดินลับ ๆ ล่อ ๆ

  21. sneak - to take someone or something secretly or illegally แอบพาไป, พาหลบไป

  22. sneak peek - a short preview (early look) of something, usually a video clip of a movie that is about to be released, to create interest

  23. sneaky - behaving in a secret and sometimes dishonest or unpleasant way ซึ่งลับๆ ล่อๆ (คำไม่เป็นทางการ), ซึ่งหลบๆ ซ่อนๆ

  24. sneeze - to loudly blow air out of your nose in a sudden uncontrolled way จาม

  25. sniff - to breathe air in through the nose in order to discover or enjoy the smell of something สูดกลิ่น, สูดอากาศ

  26. sniffer dog - a dog that has been trained to detect the smell of illegal weapons, explosive or substances like drugs

  27. sniffer dogs - dogs trained to smell and find particular things, e.g., missing people, dead bodies, illegal drugs, etc.

  28. sniper - someone who shoots at people from a hidden place ผู้ลอบยิง

  29. sniper - someone who shoots at people from a hidden place มือปืนดักยิง, ผู้ลอบยิง, สไนเพอะ

  30. snippet - a little piece of writing or a computer program

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