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What's new in business news: February 10, 2014

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Anand warns of recession: Pleas for both sides to put country first, old rice stocks unshippable say traders & silk producers to upgrade product & image. 

Former prime minister Anand Panyarachun gives an interview at his residence on Sukhumvit 53 Road, Bangkok. (Photo by Thanarak Khoonton)


Anand warns of recession: Pleas for both sides to put country first

A continuation of Thailand's current political impasse could lead the country into recession and by that time calls for political and democratic reform would be sidelined, warned two-time former prime minister Anand Panyarachun: "I think that we have now reached an impasse. I do not see a quick end in the near future. And if this is allowed to continue much longer I fear that the economic and financial situation in our country would become much worse. In the past a crisis developed rather quickly, but within a few months there would be a conclusion. But this time this has been going on for years," Mr Anand said in an interview with the Bangkok Post over the weekend.

"The poor cannot pay for their meals. The farmers are suffering. The more well-to-do are not spending as much as they should. We are moving gradually towards a recession. This is to me the critical problem for Thailand now. And by that time we will be so preoccupied with the economic and financial problems that the issues that are being debated now about politics, democracy, reform will be automatically relegated to the background, which is a shame. That would be another lost opportunity for Thailand." 

Mr Anand added that "a compromise is the only way out...we have to look at the national interest first. We have to look at the larger picture," he said.

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Old rice stocks unshippable say traders: Use grain for ethanol or animal feed

The government is being urged to take the harsh step of ridding itself of old rice stocks, which have long been warehoused, and using them to produce either ethanol or animal feed, as a strenuous attempt to step up exports in the short term is proving futile.

According to experts, the government should not focus solely on accelerating its rice exports to get money to pay farmers, as it's impossible to sell 10 million tonnes of rice to raise 100 billion baht to repay farmers. The government should therefore dispose of old rice stocks instead of selling them. Newly harvested grains are not a matter of concern, because buyers mostly favour new rice. The government is likely to take up to five years to dispose of its rice stocks, now estimated at 20 million tonnes. Rice deteriorates in quality if kept for over three years, and shipments will not be easy now that several nations are beefing up their own exports. The price of Thai rice is apt to drop by US$30 a tonne in the first quarter of the year.

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Silk producers hope to upgrade product & image

Thais under 50 who wear silk clothes are often called old-fashioned, and a woman's silk suit can set her back at least 4,000 baht. But some 50 silk fabrics to be showcased at the Premiere Vision clothing and fabric show in Paris later this month will attempt to alter consumers' perceptions. With little resemblance to traditional Thai silk, these fabrics are 20-30% lighter, with prices 25-30% higher than traditional silk. A survey found around half of Thai respondents wear silk clothing only for important occasions such as weddings, funerals, seminars and religious ceremonies, and 14% said they have never worn silk clothing before. The new generation sees it as something their parents or teachers would wear. Thais often see silk as something for village heads or directors-general of public offices to wear.

Changing people's perceptions is not easy, as the majority see silk as expensive and hard to maintain. A common misconception is that silk requires dry cleaning, which costs around 200 baht each time. But silk clothing can be hand-washed, and since silk is made of natural protein fibres. Experts advise the use of hair shampoo instead of laundry detergent. Some 90% of Thai silk is used locally, especially in provincial areas.

Market research in Thailand has pointed to design flaws as producers have not been ready to innovate or look at new trends in colour. The outcome of the market research was a design booklet and 50 pilot products by 13 companies based on world design trends for 2015. White, for instance, can be used by designers for printing and embroidery. The project, aiming to modernise Thai silk and make it more wearable, comes at a time when local products are finding it increasingly hard to compete due to high raw material costs. Domestic use of silk will likely remain flat this year, but exports are projected to drop by over 10% due to higher silk yarn prices. Silk prices are determined by the country's largest silk-reeling factory, Chul Thai Silk, which has been in the market for 46 years. The company has contract farming arrangements with 2,600 silk farmers, and production for this year is set to increase by 15%, driven by attractive prices.

Armani said it wanted to use Thai silk, but it also wants us to develop clear characteristics. With the help of two Italian textile consultants, the designer handbook includes four qualities that make Thai silk unique: — lustre, uneven texture, fluidity and pattern. In other words, you need to make a piece of fabric that has a gentle shine, a bit of drapery and is richly decorated. While China and India remain the two most well-known silk-producing countries, the hope is that Thailand's 50 pilot silk products will draw the attention of global brands at the fabric show in Paris. If Gucci and Armani use Thai silk brands in their collection, this would be like an advertisement for Thai silk.  

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Chanchai Sirikasemlert, THTI’s director of technology promotion (right), displays 50 new developed silk products to be shown at the Premiere Vision 2014 in Paris later this month. Apichart Jinakul

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accelerating: happening at a faster rate - เร่งให้เร็วขึ้น

advertisement: advert; a short piece of video or words with pictures that makes people interesting in buying some product - การโฆษณา

advise: to tell somebody what you think they should do in a particular situation - แนะนำ, แจ้ง

aim: to have as your purpose or goal - มีเป้าหมาย มีจุดมุ่งหมาย

allow: to let somebody/something do something; to let something happen or be done - อนุญาต, ยอมรับ

apt to: likely to -

arrangement: a plan or preparation that you make so that something can happen; an agreement that you make with somebody that you can both accept - การจัดการ, ข้อตกลง

attention: interest, especially interest that the public has in a person, event, situation etc - ความสนใจ

attractive: having features or qualities that make something seem interesting and worth having - น่าดึงดูด

automatically: when a machine does something by itself without needing a humaN to operate it and make decisions; self-operating, automated - อัตโนมัติ, เป็นไปโดยอัตโนมัติ

background: the part of a picture, photograph or view behind the main objects, people, etc - ฉากหลัง, พื้นหลังภาพ

beef up: to strengthen - เสริมกำลัง

brand: a type of product made by a particular company - ตรา, ยี่ห้อ

characteristic: a feature or quality that something/somebody has - ลักษณะเฉพาะ

clear: easy to see and understand - ชัดเจน

collection: a group of objects, often of the same sort, that have been collected (gathered together over period of time) - สิ่งของที่รวบรวมไว้, การสะสม การเก็บรวบรวม

compromise: a way of solving a problem or ending an argument in which both people or groups accept that they cannot have everything they want - ประนีประนอม

concern: a worry - ความกังวล

conclusion: the final part of something; the end of something - การจบ, การสิ้นสุดลง

consultant: a person who knows a lot about a particular subject and is employed to give advice about it to other people - ผู้ให้คำปรึกษา

contract farming: when a company pays farmers to grow crops -

crisis: an urgent, difficult or dangerous situation - วิกฤต

critical: extremely important because a future situation will be affected by it - สำคัญยิ่ง

current: of the present time - ปัจจุบัน

debate: a discussion in which people or groups state different opinions about a subject - การอภิปราย, การโต้วาที, การถกเถียง

decorate: to make something look more attractive by putting nice things on it or in it - ประดับ, ตกแต่ง

detergent: a chemical substance in the form of a powder or a liquid for removing dirt from clothes or dishes, etc. - ผงซักฟอก

deteriorate: to become worse - เลวร้ายลง

determined: found out; discovered; decided - ระบุชี้ชัด, ตัดสินใจ

develop: to think of or produce a new idea, product, etc. and make it successful; to build new houses, factories, etc. on an area of land, especially land that was not being used effectively before - พัฒนา

develop: when somethings changes and becomes less simple and more complex -

dispose: to throw away or get rid of - ทิ้ง

domestic: inside the country being talked about - ภายในประเทศ

draw attention: causing people to notice something - สร้างความสนใจ

driven by: caused by -

dry cleaning: a special type of cleaning using special chemicals and done dry without water used for suits and delicate fabrics - ซักแห้ง

due to: because of - เนื่องจาก

embroider: to decorate cloth with a pattern of stitches usually using coloured thread - เย็บปักถักร้อย, ปัก, ปักผ้า

embroidery: decoration by sewing - การเย็บปักถักร้อย

estimated: thought to be a particular amount, size, etc. based on a guess or the best information available - ประมาณการ

expert: someone who has a particular skill or who knows a lot about a particular subject - ผู้เชี่ยวชาญ

fabric: cloth, especially when it is used for making things such as clothes or curtains - ผ้าหรือสิ่งทอ

favour: showing that someone likes or approves of someone or something - เป็นที่ชื่นชอบ, เห็นด้วย

fibre: the long string or thread-like that are woven or made into clothing - เส้นใย, ไฟเบอร์, สิ่งที่เป็นเส้นใย

financial: involving money - เกี่ยวกับเงิน, ทางการเงิน

flat: having a level surface, not curved or sloping - ราบ (พื้นดิน), ราบเรียบ

flaw: a fault; something wrong with something - ข้อบกพร่อง

fluid: smooth and elegant - ที่ราบรื่น (การเคลื่อนไหว)

focus: to give attention, effort, etc. to one particular subject, situation or person rather than another - เพ่งความสนใจ

former: of or in an earlier time; before the present time or in the past - อดีต, แต่ก่อน

gentle: not strong or extreme - เบาๆ, ค่อยๆ

global: throughout the world - ทั่วโลก

going on: happening -

gradually: slowly and in small stages or amounts - อย่างทีละน้อย

grain: the small hard seeds of food plants such as wheat, rice, etc; a single seed of such a plant - เมล็ดข้าว, เมล็ดพืช

harsh: strict, unkind and often unfair - อย่างรุนแรง

harvest: the activity of collecting a crop, in this case a rice crop - การเก็บเกี่ยวผลผลิต

image: an opinion that people have about someone or something - ภาพลักษณ์

impasse: a situation in which progress is not possible because none of the people involved are willing to change their decision - ทางตัน

innovate: to create or invent new ideas, products, methods or equipment - อินนะเวท, ทำให้เกิดการเปลี่ยนแปลง, เปลี่ยนแปลงใหม่, ปรับปรุงใหม่, ปรับปรุง, นำสิ่งใหม่เข้ามา, ทำไม่ซ้ำแบบใคร

interest: an advantage or benefit to someone or something - ผลประโยชน์

interview: to ask someone questions in a meeting for a newspaper article, television show, etc. The noun form is also interview - สัมภาษณ์, การสัมภาษณ์

interview: to ask someone questions in a meeting - สัมภาษณ์

issue: a problem that needs to be considered - ประเด็น

local: in this country (Thailand) -

lustre: the quality of being special in a way that is exciting; the shining quality of a surface - อเสียง,ความรุ่งโรจน์,แสงเหลือบ

maintain: to keep - รักษา

majority: more than 50 percent of a group - เสียงส่วนใหญ่

market research: research to determine the kinds of people who buy or would by a product or service - การทำวิจัยตลาด, การวิจัยทางการตลาด

matter: a situation or subject which is being dealt with or considered - เรื่อง, ภารกิจ, งาน

meal: the food that you serve or eat at one time - มื้ออาหาร

misconception: a belief or an idea that is not based on correct information, or that is not understood by people - ความเข้าใจผิด

modernise: to make a system, methods, etc. more modern and more suitable for use at the present time - ทำให้ทันสมัย

nation: a country considered as a group of people with the same language, culture and history, who live in a particular area under one government; all the people in a country - ประเทศ, คนในประเทศ

national: for the whole country - แห่งชาติ, ของชาติ

natural: existing in nature; not made or caused by humans - เป็นธรรมชาติ, ตามธรรมชาติ

old-fashioned: not modern; no longer fashionable - ที่ล้าสมัย

opportunity: a chance to do something, or a situation in which it is easy for you to do something - โอกาส

outcome: a result - ผล

pattern: a regular arrangement of lines, shapes, colours, etc. as a design on material, carpets, etc - ลวดลาย

perception: a particular way of understanding or thinking about something - ความเข้าใจ

pilot: of a plan, product or system that is used to test how good something is before introducing it - นำร่อง

plea: an urgent and emotional request - คำร้อง, คำขอ, คำขอร้อง, คำวิงวอน

preoccupied: thinking about something so much that you do not notice other things or cannot think about other things - ที่มีใจหมกมุ่น หรือมีความใส่ใจในเรื่องอื่นจึงทำให้ทำอีกสิ่งหนึ่งไม่ได้

producer: a person, a company or a country that grows or makes food, goods or materials - ผู้ผลิต

project: a planned piece of work that is designed to find information about something, to produce something new, or to improve something - โครงการ

projected: calculated based on information already known - คาดคะเน, ประเมิน

promotion: activities done in order to increase the attendance at an event or sales of a product or service - การส่งเสริม

provincial: related to "provinces" , the different parts of a country -

quality: a thing that is part of a person's character, especially something good - คุณลักษณะ

quality: the standard of something when it is compared to other things like it; how good or bad something is - คุณภาพ

quarter: three months of the year on the official calendar of the government or companies -

raw material: a basic material that is used to make a product - วัตถุดิบ

recession: a period when trade and industry are not successful and there is a lot of unemployment - ภาวะเศรษฐกิจถดถอย

reform: a change that is intended to correct a situation that is wrong or unfair - การแก้ไข การปฏิรูป

relegate: to move someone or something to a less important position - ลดตำแหน่ง, ลดขั้น

residence: a place where someone lives - ที่พำนัก ที่อาศัย

rich: interesting, with a lot of different qualities, experiences or events - อุดมไปด้วย

rid: to cause to be free of somebody/something that has been annoying you or that you do not want - ขจัด, กำจัด, ทำให้หมดไป

set back: cost, use money -

shame: a cause for feeling sad or disappointed - น่าเสียดาย

shine: To emit rays of light; to give light; to beam with steady radiance - สว่างไสวขึ้น

shipment: a load of goods that are sent from one place to another - ปริมาณสินค้าที่ขนส่งในครั้งหนึ่ง ๆ

side: team; one of the two or more people or groups taking part in a competition, argument, war, etc - ทีม, ฝ่าย, พรรค

sideline: to cause something or someone to become less important or not to be used -

silk: a type of fine smooth cloth made from silk thread - ผ้าไหม

situation: all the circumstances and things that are happening at a particular time and in a particular place - สถานการณ์

solely: only; not involving somebody/something else - แต่ผู้เดียว

step: one of a series of actions that you do in order to achieve a particular aim - ขั้นตอน

stock: an amount of something that you keep so that you can use it when you need it - ที่เก็บไว้ในสต๊อก

suffering: physical or mental pain or problems - ความทุกข์ทรมาน

textile: involved in making woven or knitted cloth - สิ่งทอ, ผ้า

texture: the quality of something that can be decided by touch - เนื้อ

trader: someone who buys and sells things - ผู้ค้า

trend: a new development in clothing, make-up, etc - แนวโน้ม

uneven: not following a regular pattern; not having the same quality in all parts; - ซึ่งไม่เท่ากัน, ซึ่งไม่สม่ำเสมอ

unique: being the only one of its kind - ซึ่งเป็นหนึ่งเดียว

upgrade: to give something a higher level of importance - ยกระดับ

urge: to advise someone very strongly about what action or attitude they should take - ผลักดัน, กระตุ้น

warehouse: a large building for storing things - โกดังสินค้า, คลังสินค้า, โรงพัสดุ

warn: to make someone aware of a possible problem or danger - เตือน

wearable: able to be worn - สามารถที่จะสวมใส่ได้

well-known: famous, everyone knows about it - ซึ่งมีชื่อเสียง, ซึ่งเป็นที่รู้จักกันดี, เป็นที่รู้จัก, เลื่องลือ

well-to-do: wealthy - ที่มั่งคั่ง ร่ำรวย

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