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What's new in business news: August 4, 2014

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THAI Smile moves to Don Mueang, tax cheats face assets freeze & the military, the local mafia & business. 

THAI Smile will operate largely independently from its parent Thai Airways International when it moves from Suvarnabhumi airport.


Thai Airways' Low Cost Carrier THAI Smile moves to Don Mueang

THAI Smile's move to Don Mueang airport starting on Friday this week will begin a process of change for the budget subsidiary of struggling Thai Airways International. The move will be complete by Oct 26. Don Mueang is a popular airport for domestic and regional flights, especially for Thai travellers, because it is accessible and convenient. Nearly 20 million passengers are expected to pass through Don Mueang this year, with 12 million carried by Thai AirAsia and six million by Nok Air.

THAI Smile will operate largely independently from its parent THAI airways with THAI Smile focusing on non-connecting flights, rather than flight connections to THAI flights. The parent airline will now operate its own connecting flights.
THAI Smile’s move to Don Mueang was taken to gain market share from rivals like Thai AirAsia, Nok Air and Thai Lion Air. THAI Smile will take on Thai AirAsia, the dominant airline at Don Mueang, and team up with Nok Air, 39% owned by THAI. THAI Smile and Nok Air will not compete directly with each other and also avoid duplication in routes. THAI Smile is still not profitable and hopes to return to profitability in the coming years.

THAI Smile’s "light premium" passenger class will include services such as seat selection and check-in counter service, on board snacks and drinks and a baggage allowance of 20 kilogrammes, all included in the fare — usually considered extra by other LCCs. THAI Smile passengers will also enjoy Royal Orchid Plus mileage as they would on THAI flights.

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Tax cheats face assets freeze


The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has agreed to a draft bill authorising the Revenue Department to freeze assets of those allegedly involved in tax fraud. The department will be able to block all financial transactions by suspects at domestic financial institutions. The bill will also allow department officials to take over police tasks in launching tax fraud investigations and will offer more flexibility to the department to chase unpaid tax from fraudsters and their accomplices.

The Finance Ministry is seeking to boost tax revenue after tax collection was below target this year. Improving efficiency in tax collection, eliminating loopholes and preventing tax avoidance and fraud, as well as imposing taxes on new items are among the measures being considered. The Revenue Department gathered 1.55 trillion baht during the first nine months of the fiscal year, which was 93.5  billion or 6.6% short of the target.

Clear evidence of failure in getting back unpaid tax was a 4.3-billion-baht value-added tax (VAT) refund scam, without authority to block transactions of those alleged to be involved in the scam. 18 officials may be involved in the VAT scam with four holding high-level positions. However, only five outsiders have been charged in a case involving steel scrap, while all officials escaped charges.

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The military, the local mafia & business

The arrest of a senior military officer for involvement with an extortion gang presents the country's new authorities with a dilemma. Army Maj Gen Jennarong Dechawan (known as "Seh James") and accomplices were charged by police over alleged involvement in a protection racket receiving protection money from local vendors in the Silom Road-Patpong Bazaar area. 

The existence of the protection racket is well known. At issue is the role, if any, of the two star general Seh James. Vendors have already testified to police and submitted evidence against the general. They accuse the officer of leading a gang that shakes down vendors in an organised criminal enterprise. If the vendors pay monthly and "special" fees to the gang, their businesses are safe. Otherwise accidents happen, they lose their allotted sales areas and — supposedly — violence is possible.

Such protection rackets are far more common than the public generally realises. Some "military mafia" gangs are extremely powerful. A gang that has long operated in the Klong Toey area made headlines a couple of years ago when market vendors who stood up to its intimidation were beaten and, in at least three cases, killed. Military mafias are active in markets, entertainment areas and shopping locations nationwide. Officers who allegedly head the military mafia of Chiang Mai have been named in the local press — without libel charges, it should be noted.

This mafia is shadowy, and has existed for decades. They range from NCOs to those with the rank of general. When the highly respected Gen Surayud Chulanont took command of the Royal Thai Army in 1998, he issued an order to track down and recall mafia-type officers to the barracks. No results were seen. Some believe the "brotherhood" of officers shelters the mafia. Gen Prayuth, then, faces a stark choice. The NCPO chief can be assured the whole country will back him if he begins a campaign to wipe out the military mafia.

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accessible: that can be reached, entered, used, seen, etc - ที่สามารถเข้าได้

accomplice: a person who helps someone else to commit a crime or to do something morally wrong - ผู้สมรู้ร่วมคิด

accuse: to say that someone has done something wrong or committed a crime - กล่าวหา

alleged: claimed to be true, even though this has not yet been proved - ที่กล่าวหา

allegedly: claimed to have done something wrong, but not yet proven - ที่กล่าวหา

allowance: an amount of something allowed - การอนุญาตให้

arrest: (of the police or, in this case, soldiers) to take someone under control because they are believed to have committed a crime - จับกุม

assure: to tell someone that something is true or will definitely happen - ให้ความมั่นใจ, ยืนยัน

at issue: the question that needs to be answered... -

authorise: to give official permission for something, or to give someone official permission to do something - ให้อำนาจ, มอบอำนาจ, ให้สิทธิ

authority: a person or government agency who has the power to make decisions or enforce the law - เจ้าหน้าที่ผู้มีอำนาจ

avoid: to try to prevent something from happening - หลีกเลี่ยง

back: to support - สนับสนุน

baggage: luggage; all the cases and bags that you take with you when you travel - กระเป๋าเดินทาง

barracks: a group of buildings where members of the armed forces live and work - โรงหรืออาคารใหญ่เป็นที่พักทหาร

bill: a proposal for a law - ร่างกฎหมาย

block: to stop something from being done or from succeeding - ปิด, กีดขวาง

boost: to increase - เพิ่ม

brotherhood: an organisation formed for a particular purpose, especially a religious society or political organisation, the relationship of brothers ภราดรภาพ, ความเป็นพี่น้องกัน - ภราดรภาพ, ความเป็นพี่น้องกัน

budget: not expensive, usually because of providing only a limited service or product - ถูก,ประหยัด,ไม่แพง

campaign: a planned group of especially political, business or military activities which are intended to achieve a particular aim - การรณรงค์

charge: to accuse someone officially of committing a crime - ตั้งข้อกล่าวหา

check-in: the place where you go first when you arrive at an airport, to show your ticket, etc - เช็คอิน

civil service: the government departments responsible for putting central government plans into action - ราชการพลเรือน.

connect: to join together two or more things - เชื่อมต่อ

connection: something that connects two things, etc. - การเชื่อมต่อ การเชื่อมโยง

connectivity: how well connected things are, how easily you can get from one place to another - ภาวะเชื่อมต่อ, สภาพเชื่อมโยง

convenient: easy to use or suitable for a particular purpose - สะดวก

counter: a long flat surface over which goods are sold or business is done in a shop/store, bank, etc - เคาน์เตอร์, โต๊ะขนาดยาว

criminal: illegal; against the law - ผิดกฎหมาย, นอกกฎหมาย

decades: periods of ten years - เป็นสิบๆปี

dilemma: a situation which makes problems, often one in which you have to make a very difficult choice between things of equal importance - สภาวะหนีเสือปะจรเข้,สภาวะที่กลืนไม่เข้าคายไม่ออก,สถานการณ์ที่ลำบาก

domestic: inside the country being talked about - ภายในประเทศ

dominant: more powerful or important than all others - เหนือกว่า

draft: not in a final form and likely to be changed - ร่าง

duplication: doing something again, especially when it is unnecessary - การทำซ้ำ

efficiency: the ability to work well and produce good results by using the available time, money, supplies etc in the most effective way - ความมีประสิทธิภาพ

eliminate: to get rid of - กำจัด ลดตำแหน่งงาน

enterprise: an organization, especially a business - กิจการ, บริษัท,อุตสาหกิจ,วิสาหกิจ

escape: avoid; to stay away from a place; to try to prevent something from happening - หลีกเลี่ยง

evidence: facts statements or objects that help to prove whether or not someone has committed a crime - หลักฐาน

evidence: facts, signs or objects that make you believe that something is true - หลักฐาน,ข้อแสดง

existence: the state of being a real or living thing, or of being present in a particular place, time, or situation - การดำรงอยู่,การมีอยู่,การมีชีวิตอยู่,ความเป็นอยู่

extortion: the crime of trying to obtain something by force or threat - การขู่กรรโชก  รีดไถ

fare: the money that you pay for a journey - ค่าโดยสาร

financial: involving money - เกี่ยวกับเงิน, ทางการเงิน

financial institution: a business which helps its customers manage money, e.g., a bank, insurance company, etc. - สถาบันการเงิน

fiscal year: the budget year which begins in October for the Thai government; Businesses may have different fiscal years - ปีงบประมาณ

flexibility: can change easily - การปรับตัวเข้ากับสถานการณ์, ความยืดหยุ่น

flight: a trip on airplanes - การเดินทางด้วยเครื่องบิน

fraud: the crime of intentionally deceiving someone or cheating in order to gain an advantage or benefit - การฉ้อโกง การหลอกลวง เล่ห์เพทุบาย

fraudster: someone who obtains money by deceiving people - คนหลอกลวง

freeze assets: (of a court) to order that things owned by someone, especially money and property, cannot be used by the owner until a final court decision has been made - ยึดหรือพิทักษ์ทรัพย์

impose: to introduce something, such as a new law or new system and force people to accept it - นำกฎหมายมาบังคับใช้

independently: without help from others - พึ่งตนเอง

investigation: the process of trying to find out all the details or facts about something in order to discover who or what caused it or how it happened - การสอบสวน, การตรวจสอบหาข้อเท็จจริง

involvement: the act or process of taking part in something - การเกี่ยวข้อง

largely: mostly -

launch: starting something - การเริ่มต้น

local: in or related to the area that you live, or to the particular area that you are talking about - ท้องถิ่น

loophole: a small mistake in an agreement or law which gives someone the chance to avoid having to do something - ช่องโหว่ในกฎหมาย, จุดอ่อน, ข้อบกพร่อง

market share: the percentage of sales that a company has in a market or industry compared to total sales - เปอร์เซ็นต์การขายสินค้า, ส่วนแบ่งตลาด

measure: a firm action taken to solve a problem or stop a dangerous unpleasant situation - มาตราการ

military: connected with soldiers or the armed forces - ในทางทหาร,เกี่ยวกับทหาร

military officer: a person in the military with a high rank - นายทหาร , ผู้มีหน้าที่ในเรื่องการรบประจำกองทัพทหาร

National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO): The military-installed group ruling Thailand following the 2014 coup d'état - คณะรักษาความสงบแห่งชาติ

officials: people who have the power to make decisions or enforce the law - เจ้าหน้าที่ผู้มีอำนาจ

on board: on a ship, aircraft or vehicle - บนหรือใน (เรือ, รถ, เครื่องบินหรือพาหนะอื่น)

operate: to carry out an activity like running a business - ดำเนินการ

order: something that somebody is told to do by somebody in authority - คำสั่ง

outsider: someone who does not belong to a particular group or organization - บุคคลภายนอก

parent: a person's father or mother - พ่อหรือแม่

passenger: someone who travels in a motor vehicle, aircraft, train, or ship but is not the driver or one of the people who works on it - ผู้โดยสาร

popular: a situation in which someone or something is liked by many people - เป็นที่นิยม, เป็นที่ชื่นชอบ

position: a job - ตำแหน่ง

premium: extra money paid; usually for extra service or product features -

prevent: to stop somebody from doing something; to stop something from happening - ขัดขวาง, กัน, กีดขวาง

process: a series of actions that you take in order to achieve a result - แนวทางปฏิบัติ, กระบวน, วิธีการ

profitability: how much money is earned after expenses are subtracted - ให้ผลกำไร,ได้ผลประโยชน์

profitable: able to earn money and expenses are subtracted - ให้ผลกำไร,ได้ผลประโยชน์

protection: the act of protecting somebody/something; the state of being protected - การอารักขา, การปกป้อง

protection money: money that criminals take from people in exchange for agreeing not to hurt them or damage their property -

racket: an illegal activity that earns money - การหาเงินโดยผิดกฎหมาย

rank: someone’s official position in the armed forces, police, fire services, etc. - ยศ, ตำแหน่ง

recall: to order somebody to return; to order that something be returned - เรียกกลับ

refund: to give back an amount of money that was paid out - คืนเงิน

regional: of or relating to a region - เกี่ยวกับภูมิภาค

results: what you get in the end when activity is completed (test results, research results, etc) - ผล

revenue: income from taxes or business activities - รายได้

Revenue Department: the government department responsible for collecting taxes - กรมสรรพากร

rival: a person, group, team or business that competes with another - คู่ต่อสู้, คู่ปรับ, คู่แข่ง

role: the position or purpose that someone or something has in a situation, organisation, society or relationship - บทบาท

route: the way that planes, buses, trains, or ships travel regularly - เส้นทางของรถ เรือ เครื่องบิน,etc.

scam: a dishonest plan, especially for getting money - กลโกง, แผนร้าย

seek: to try to obtain or achieve something - พยายามได้มา

selection: choice; the process of choosing - การเลือก,การคัดเลือก

senior: with a high rank or position - อาวุโส

shake down: extort; use force or threats to get money from people (slang) -

shelter: to give somebody/something a place where they are protected from the weather or from danger; to protect somebody/something - ให้ที่พัก,ให้ที่กำบัง,ปกป้อง

specialist: a person who is an expert in a particular area of work or study - ผู้ชำนาญเฉพาะทาง

stark: very clear - ชัดเจน

struggling: having serious difficulties - มีความยุ่งยาก

submitted: formally given to someone so they can make a decision about it - ยื่นเอกสารเพื่อการพิจารณา

subsidiary: a company that is owned by a larger company - บริษัทลูก

suspect: a person who is thought to have committed a crime - ผู้ต้องสงสัย

take on: to fight or compete against someone - แข่งขันกับ, ต่อสู้กับ

target: a particular number or amount that you want to achieve - เป้าหมาย

task: something that you have to do - งาน, หน้าที่; ภารกิจ

tax: money that you have to pay to the government so that it can pay for public services - ภาษี

team up: join together and unite to work together on a project, to achieve goals - ทำงานร่วมทีม

testify: to make a statement about something that you saw, know, or experienced, usually in a court of law or an official investigation - ให้การเป็นพยาน

track down: to try to follow and find someone or something - ตามรอย

transaction: a business dealing - การติดต่อทางธุรกิจ

value-added tax: a tax that is added to the price of goods and services - ภาษีมูลค่าเพิ่ม

vendors: people who sell things, e.g., food or newspapers, usually outside on the street - พ่อค้าแม่่ค้าหาบแร่แผงลอย

wipe out: to get rid of or kill off something completely - กำจัดให้หมดไป

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