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Raan Khun Yah (Khun Yah Cuisine)

Raan Khun Yah (Khun Yah Cuisine)

Categories: Restaurants > Thai

Address: Raan Khun Yah (Khun Yah Cuisine), 661/2 Wat Trimitr area, Sri Mitr Rd., Talat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100 Thailand See map

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The restaurant, located a few steps away from Wat Trimitr, home of the Golden Buddha in Samphanthawong, Chinatown, is very informal. It is divided into an air-conditioned indoor section and a larger area, that most customers seem to prefer, that is roofed over but open to the street — like most old fashioned khao gaeng shops. You will have to go for breakfast or for an early lunch, however. Raan Khun Yah begins serving at about 6.30am and is closed for the day by 1pm. One of the daily specials is a lon poo kem (a sauce of preserved field crabs in a salty, slightly sweet and mildly spicy coconut cream with pork and seasonings, eaten with fresh vegetables). In addition to this dish, kanom jeen namyaa (fermented rice noodles with a spicy pureed fish and coconut cream sauce), pla thoo jian mackerel cooked with shredded ginger, fermented soya bean sauce, ground pork, spring onions and chillies) and pad prik khing pla duk foo (catfish meat that has been teased to fluffiness and then deep-fried until crisp, stir-fried in a sweet, spicy and aromatic chilli-and-ginger sauce together with long beans, are also recommended. Prices at RaanKhunYah are very low. Raan Khun Yah may not be the sort of restaurant to lure in those who are more used to Sukhumvit-style Thai dining, but there are others who will consider it well worth struggling through the morning traffic in order to savour a plate or two of the curry here. Those people know who they are.

  • Opening days

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  • Service hours

    06:30 to 01:00

Remark: Cost of meal per person



  • Address

    Raan Khun Yah (Khun Yah Cuisine), 661/2 Wat Trimitr area, Sri Mitr Rd., Talat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100 Thailand

  • Phone number

    +66 (0) 2-222-0912 

  • Mobile number

    +66 (0) 86-064-7836 

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