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  • History or sci-fi?

    19 Jan 2015 : Historians and historical novelists have their favourite periods. Ancient Rome, the Crusades, the Tudors for some. Early Christianity, the Mongol conquests, the Napoleonic wars for others. Imperialism, exploration, World War II for others still. British author David Gibbins, for one, has turned his attention to Atlantis. Troy, the Old Testament.

  • Casting off the evils of apartheid

    19 Jan 2015 : The story of Zelda la Grange, Nelson Mandela's personal secretary, is about personal growth and social change. Her story begins with institutionalised racism.

  • Skinheads gather in anti-racism event

    18 Jan 2015 : KUALA LUMPUR - Asian "skinheads" converged on Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur over the weekend for two days of full-throated live music performances -- but with a message far different from that often associated with their Western cousins.

  • The never-ending story

    18 Jan 2015 : The drive from Bangkok to the farm where my family does most of our gardening takes almost the whole day. Usually arriving there at night, I don’t get to see our plants until the following morning. As soon as I wake up, it has become my habit to don my gumboots and make a tour of the farm to check out how big the trees had grown during our absence.

  • Freinds in need

    18 Jan 2015 : Joey is one of the pit bulls abandoned at the shelter. Almost all pit bulls are very friendly to people but not with other dogs. They have to be the only dog in the house. They could be a very good companion and guard dog.

  • An eye-opening experience

    18 Jan 2015 : It was definitely a younger generation of socialites that made up the guests at the dinner hosted by La Mer Thailand to introduce the company's latest product: The Illumination Eye Gel.


    A master and his music

    18 Jan 2015 : Turn the radio on and the chances are you will hear one of Nitipong “Dee” Honark’s songs. For the past three decades, it has been his lyrics that have influenced Thai popular music.

  • The Thais that blend us together

    18 Jan 2015 : When things that were once familiar change or disappear, we can either regret their loss or feel relief that they are gone. There are features of our political past that we wouldn’t want to have back, while changes for the better in health care give points to the present over what came before.


    A zebra can change its stripes

    18 Jan 2015 : Every now and again a new campaign or crackdown hopes to right a social wrong in this country, not unlike the one I detailed in last week’s column. The latest idea is one that involves white lines — white squiggly lines.

  • maemoo

    Tak gets to the point, Den steaming, Kapper in the pink

    18 Jan 2015 : Actress Bongkot "Tak" Khongmalai plans to take legal action against the author of a fabricated Line message in which she accuses her husband of infidelity.

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