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  • GURU COVER STORYCreate a scene

    27 Feb 2015 : Maybe that secret bar, your favourite hideaway known only to a lucky few, is turning into a Thonglorite mosh pit. Or perhaps your eyes are finally giving in after an intense, five-hour competition with a blank Word document.

  • MOVIESRemembering cinema's comic heritage

    27 Feb 2015 : A great way to unwind from the Oscar hullabaloo has arrived this week. "Memory! International Film Heritage Festival — Reprise In Thailand" opened last night and will continue until March 6, featuring 11 classic films, from Chaplin to Ozu, Buster Keaton to Jacques Tati, plus a rare Mongolian epic and a Thai comedy classic. For filmgoers who regularly feast on Hollywood's new releases — intensified by the award-season blitz — watching old films on the big screen is an opportunity to find perspectives on cinema history and contemplate the ongoing evolution of the art form.

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  • What are you reading?

    Historical literature as bedtime reading

    02 Feb 2015 : Nine years ago, Pongsorn Bhumiwat, maths whizz and history aficionado, penned his first novel Lamnam Hok Piphob (Chronicle Of Six Earths), a science fiction book with characters inspired by Ramayana.

  • Encroaching on male territory

    02 Feb 2015 : Patrolling the forest with a gun was not the job of Weeraya Ochakull’s dreams. But she was offered the opportunity about 18 years ago, and the present chief of Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary (western zone) in Kanchanaburi feels the work has made her a strong person who truly believes in law enforcement.


    Rich tapestry of Thai society

    02 Feb 2015 : All things considered, the 14 stories in the collection translated by Marcel Barang read like a list of social issues a Thai should be aware of: participating in last year's protests without genuine understanding and interest; having an affair with someone of an opposing political colour; the death of red-shirt poet Mai Nueng; violence in the South; hilltop villages; the move from local farms to factory farming. And Buddhism.

  • Cancer movie wins top prize at Sundance

    01 Feb 2015 : LOS ANGELES - "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl," a moving drama about a teenager who befriends a classmate with cancer, won the top prize at the Sundance Film Festival Saturday.

  • Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel confirm they are expecting

    01 Feb 2015 : NEW YORK - American singer and actor Justin Timberlake took to Instagram on his 34th birthday to announce that he and his wife, actress Jessica Biel, are expecting their first child.

  • Daughter of Whitney Houston found unconscious in bath

    01 Feb 2015 : LOS ANGELES - The daughter of late singer Whitney Houston was pulled unconscious from her bathtub Saturday at her Georgia home, in an eerie echo of her mother's tragic death three years ago.

  • Silence speaks volumes

    01 Feb 2015 : Chiang Mai-based independent label Minimal Records serves up a collection of delectable indie-folk offerings that brilliantly demonstrate the time-honoured spirit of DIY.

  • Two bright, shining jewels

    01 Feb 2015 : We all love a good David versus Goliath story, where somebody small and insignificant rises up against the giants and achieves greatness.

  • Fish that packs a punch

    01 Feb 2015 : Most of the salted fish we see in the market are saltwater types from the sea, and they tend to be extremely salty. The reason their producers make them this way is to allow them to be stored for long periods of time without spoiling. Many kinds of fish can be salted, each with its own flavour and texture. Given their variety it is not surprising that they are so popular.

  • Back to the future

    01 Feb 2015 : Nostalgia apparently is what it used to be. With new Star Wars and Mad Max films coming, AC/DC and Giorgio Moroder releasing albums, and K-pop hairstyles that look like A Flock of Seagulls, you could be forgiven for feeling like Marty McFly stepping out of the DeLorean in Back to the Future II. There is more than a bit of 1985 about 2015, even though there are no flying cars and only Tony Hawk has managed to get his feet on a hoverboard.

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