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  • CULTUREAnd the award goes to...

    26 Feb 2015 : The city’s most innovative plays and performances were celebrated on Tuesday night at the third edition of 2014 IATC Thailand Dance and Theatre Review awards at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

  • THEATRE REVIEWStories from the Princess

    26 Feb 2015 : Once in a while children benefit from theatre productions actually created for them, that grown-ups can also enjoy, rather than the other way around.

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  • Art Matters

    Facades of normality

    25 Feb 2015 : Try clicking "join" to just a few exhibition opening events on Facebook and you will realise how overwhelming the Bangkok art scene can actually be. There are notifications of pre-opening private views, pre-opening talks, opening parties, special performances, and, of course, an exhibition closing party again. These plethora of events are totally understandable, however, because art spaces in Bangkok are becoming more about being a fun place to hang out, and, it has to be said, art does get better after a few beers.

  • The air of familiarity

    25 Feb 2015 : Three artists, three exhibitions, three mediums, one message

  • La Lanta Fine Art

    18 Feb 2015 : In "Fluid Abstraction", contemporary Indonesian textile artist John Martono works on the smooth texture of silk with acrylic paint, creating fluid and ever-moving abstract compositions.

  • Exhibiting their wild side

    18 Feb 2015 : Lion carcasses, taxidermic vultures and a set of man-made animal models, including enormous elephants, tigers, monkeys, and a somewhat adorable leviathan, have been artistically brought together for a new exhibition. 


    Too gay for its own good

    12 Feb 2015 : To celebrate the month of love, two actors — Wannasak Sirilar, aka Kuck, and impersonator/TV actor Paksupa Ponpattraputanan, aka Day Freeman — known for their solo performances will join forces in This Is My {Day} Light, featuring several shades of passion and despair from gay men's perspectives.

  • Art central

    12 Feb 2015 : Hong Kong's role as Asia's art hub is manifest in its busy auction houses, the Art Basel fair that has grown in strength, as well as its proximity to China. Singapore, with its government support, has made strides as a serious player in the region. But Hong Kong still retains its lead, confirming the notion of where there is surplus economic capital, there's also room for art.

  • Confronting social taboos through art

    11 Feb 2015 : Feeding dogs, faking pregnancy and talking to corpses — these are a few examples of Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook's art.

  • Art Scene

    Speedy Grandma

    11 Feb 2015 : In anticipation of its third anniversary, Speedy Grandma presents "Who Cares?", a group show of former artists who have quit art for other career paths. While this show questions the stage of contemporary art in Thailand, the art space will host a series of discussions on various art issues in each week of the month and there will also be a workshop programme on creative entrepreneurship. Check the art space's Facebook page for more detail.

  • Breaking the art barrier

    From the past, into the future

    10 Feb 2015 : There are three versions of Korakrit Arunanondchai, one of Thailand's hottest mavericks whose works have been shown internationally in recent years: first, Korakrit in person, who isn't the most comprehensible of talkers; second, the Korakrit he professes himself to be, which is a jeans-clad, fiery-haired, spontaneous painter and gangster/rapper performance artist.

  • Dance Review

    An eclectic mix of shows from last week

    05 Feb 2015 : This simple dance creation by Sun Tawalwongsri and Chatchanok Hemachandra may have sprung from a loose and hackneyed concept — our relationship with other human beings and our surroundings — but it succeeds in being minimal and controlled. Sun and Chatchanok are athletic dancers and move with clean precision. They are not identical, however. Sun usually has a penchant for melodrama, but here he keeps it under control. Chatchanok is more matter-of-fact when she dances but still knows how to show her vulnerability. The two have found an interesting way of incorporating pedestrian movements into their choreography; they not only dance with their arms, legs and feet but are also very expressive with their hands. For a piece about relationships, the show feels emotionally disjointed, and the dancers could have had more of a connection with each other. The most touching scene comes at the end when Sun backs away from Chatchanok as she continues to feel his imaginary form with her hands. The sense of absence and loss in that simple moment makes more of an emotional imprint than all of the other scenes combined.

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