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  • PUBLISHINGThais read books for 28 minutes a day, says Pubat

    24 Feb 2015 : Thais face a sharp decline in book reading rates, particularly among older people and the uneducated, as time spent reading books is increasingly used for online media.

  • The crowdsourced hunt for the great Thai whale

    23 Feb 2015 : American author Herman Melville's Moby-Dick; Or The Whale was first published in 1851. But it wasn't until 2015, 164 years later, that an unabridged version of tome — one of the best-known books in the world — will be translated into Thai.

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    Good legal drama

    23 Feb 2015 : Good legal drama

  • Illustrating the joy of books

    23 Feb 2015 : There aren't many books about the environment in Thai bookstores. Green World Foundation, a respected non-profit organisation, fills that gap by releasing useful, highly readable books, always with lovely illustrations to delight and educate readers.



    16 Feb 2015 : Authors and publishers are still experimenting with their craft. Centuries and modern print-face, bigger and smaller print, over and under 100 chapters, chapters numbered and not, spaces instead of chapters, single and double quote marks, beginning the story on page one or three or higher. Not to mention the variety in covers.

  • Colours of India

    14 Feb 2015 : ‘So many parts of India are beautiful, with all their colour and decoration. There are other areas which are grey, ramshackle and dilapidated, but out of these, beautiful visions can appear,” wrote James Wellings, author of India: Living In An Ornate World.

  • Controversy rages over Harper Lee's second novel

    10 Feb 2015 : A week after HarperCollins stunned the literary world with news that Harper Lee is publishing a second novel, controversy rages about whether the reclusive, 88-year-old novelist is of sound mind.


    Right vs Justice

    09 Feb 2015 : It would be only a slight exaggeration to say that Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks of the North Yorkshire Police is as well known in the UK in this day and age as London private detective Sherlock Holmes was a century ago. Less so in the US with its plethora of shamuses. But crime thriller fans the world over rate him as one of the best.

  • A right royal read

    09 Feb 2015 : When Subhatra Bhumibrabhas said she wanted to translate The King In Exile: The Fall Of The Royal Family Of Burma by Sudha Shah, people warned that the prospects weren't that bright. Why, they said, would Thai readers want to read about the late Burmese king who lived in exile and died almost a century ago? Subhatra, former journalist and now media activist whose interest in Myanmar dates back years, shrugged off such caution and followed her heart in translating the book into Thai.

  • Kitchen confidential

    07 Feb 2015 : One thing with which Thailand has never failed to impress is its food. Fresh, aromatic and immaculately presented, Thai food is great and you know it. While you may be able to find Thai food at restaurants in cities around the world, true authenticity is often hard to come by.


    Film version awaits

    02 Feb 2015 : Arriving on the literary scene in 1990, American Patricia Cornwell has penned a book every year since. Though she hasn’t a medical degree, her crime novels that focus on forensic medicine are so accurate that she’s regarded as one of the experts in the field. With the profits from her writing, she has founded forensic facilities in more than one state.

  • What are you reading?

    Historical literature as bedtime reading

    02 Feb 2015 : Nine years ago, Pongsorn Bhumiwat, maths whizz and history aficionado, penned his first novel Lamnam Hok Piphob (Chronicle Of Six Earths), a science fiction book with characters inspired by Ramayana.

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