Phichit man beaten to death

A general construction contractor has been beaten to death by two assailants in Phichit province.

  • Published: 5/12/2012 at 07:42 PM
  • Newspaper section: breakingnews

Police said Prasert Thongmuen, the owner of a small construction company, was clubbed to death by two men on a motorcycle on Tuesday night in tambon Nong Sano of San Ngam district.

Jidapa Ontana, a relative of the victim, told police that Mr Prasert had competed for many government project bids. His death came after he submitted a bid to build a dormitory and a motor pool depot in Tap Khlo district.

According to police reports, two attackers dismounted froma motorcycle and confronted Prasert while he was walking to his car. One of the men swung a large wooden stick at Prasert’s head, and then fled the scene. The incident was witnessed by many bystanders and took place only about 100 metres from the local police station and district office. Ms Jidapa said that her plea for help was ignored.

Police said they suspected the attack was by a rival business owner who stood to lose the construction bid. 

The victim's relatives asked for footage from nearby CCTV cameras. However, none of them had captured an image of the assailants.

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