Cambodian kidnapper arrested

BANGKOK – A Cambodian man accused of kidnapping two elderly beggars, also Cambodian, has been arrested.

  • Published: 16/02/2013 at 08:31 PM
  • Newspaper section: breakingnews

Samut Waen, a 32-year-old Cambodian, told police that Sorpak Seen, 30, impersonated an immigration police officer and abducted two women known only as Praed, 75, and Janta, 71 on Wednesday.

The kidnapper told her that the two women had been taken to a building in Bang Na district and demanded a ransom of 20,000 baht, she said.

Ms Samut said she transferred the money to the man's account but Mr Sorpak wanted 20,000 baht more.

When she complied, the man released only Ms Janta and requested more cash, in the same amount, for the other hostage.

She then stalled the man by giving him half the money requested and contacted the police.

Officers conducted a sting operation and were able to apprehend Mr Sorpak at an ATM near Sanpawut Road in Bang Na. They seized a mobile phone, ATM card, taser and handcuffs as evidence.

Ms Praed said after she was set free that the kidnapper had tortured her and Ms Janta with a taser.

Police said Mr Sorpak confessed that he was an illegal immigrant and had been living in Thailand for three years. He worked as a security guard but recently quit that job.

He told officers he had kidnapped the two elderly women while they were sitting on an overpass.

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