Confusion over city police recruitment

A group of students claim they were treated unfairly in being disqualified from applying for a job at the Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB).

  • Published: 6/03/2013 at 09:49 AM
  • Newspaper section: breakingnews

About 30 students and parents on Tuesday filed a petition with Metropolitan Police deputy chief Pol Maj Gen Waranwas Karoonyatat demanding justice.

The said officials at the Protection and Crowd Control Division did not permit the students to take the physical examination even though they had passed the test set for the recruitment of 1,746 non-commissioned police officers.

They said they would take their case to the Administrative Court.

All of the rejected students had completed the third year of the army's school-based territorial defence training, or Ror Dor. Officers overseeing the exam told them they only wanted those who had completed or were about to complete the two-year conscription term in the military.

The unhappy students said such details were not made clear in the application form, resulting in many students being disqualified.   

"On the day applicants were called in to report and complete the physical examination, almost 100 young men found they were already disqualified," said Dewcharin Chinpatch, 20, from Ubon Ratchathani, who was disqualified. 

According to the petitioners, the requirements set out on the MPB application form include: Any reserve officer who has previously served on active duty  in the armed forces or those who have completed the third year of Ror Dor  training and have a Sor Dor 8 document.

Sor Dor 8 is issued to those who have completed the three-year Ror Dor course. Mr Dewcharin said his Sor Dor 8 also referred to him as "a reserve officer attached to the armed forces".  

"The application form should have stated clearly in the first place that they only wanted those completing the two-year conscription term, no Ror Dor graduates, he said.

The term "reserve officer" applies both to individuals who have completed two-year military conscription and those who have finished Ror Dor training.

Many of the disqualified students submitted their applications through the internet. Mr Dewcharin said MPB  website also showed pictures of Ror Dor students, which misled him and many others into thinking that they were eligible to apply for jobs.

"Some parents burst into tears after they learned their children could not apply for the job. Some complained they had wasted time travelling from other provinces," Mr Dewcharin said.

Pol Maj Gen Waranwas said a lack of thorough inspection of online application forms was likely to be the cause of the problem. 

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