Father charged with poisoning 3 kids

Trang police have charged a father with the attempted murder of his three children.

  • Published: 18/03/2013 at 09:58 AM
  • Newspaper section: breakingnews

Police on Sunday took Satian Promsang from Trang hospital to Muang Trang police station for questioning.

Mr Satian was admitted to the hospital after he drank rat poison. Police say he also poisoned his three children - two boys, aged three and six, and a four-year old girl - on Saturday night.

The children were also admitted to hospital but are all reported in a stable condition.

Police said Mr Satian confessed to poisoning his children, saying he had been depressed since his wife decided to leave him.

Accordng to police, He said he told the children he was going to kill himself. He said the children were free to decide whether to join him in taking the poison, and they agreed to take it, police said.

Officers said Mr Satian is a rehabilitated drug addict.

The children were staying with their grandfather, who lives about 20 metres away from the house. He said Mr Satian collected the children and said he was taking them to eat noodles at his house. When they had not returned a half hour later he went to Mr Satian's house to ask after them.

Mr Satian, who appeared to be drunk, told the grandfather that the children were all asleep. He did not believe him and rushed inside the house. The children were all in bed but two had vomited, so he sent them to the hospital.

One of the children said his father powdered up some blue pellets which he then mixed with water and made them drink it. Their father later also drank the mixture.

The two youngest children recovering in Trang hospital after their father admitted giving his three children rat poison. Photo by Methee Muangkaew

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