Phitsanulok taxi drivers protest

PHITSANULOK - Metered taxi drivers are demanding that the provincial governor take action to stop the jamming of their radios, which is preventing them from picking up passengers.

  • Published: 4/05/2013 at 06:13 PM
  • Newspaper section: breakingnews

Taxis are parked near the Phitsanulok bus station by drivers seeking action from the governor.

About 100 drivers who rallied at the bus terminal on Saturday believe they are the targets of "black plate" taxi operators, who have lost business because people prefer metered cabs.

The drivers, from Phitsanulok Metered Taxi Co and Song Khaew Taxi Co, said an influential group at the bus terminal was using a high-powered transmitter to jam the radio frequency used by metered taxis. As a result, they cannot communicate to tell each other who is in the closest location to pick up passengers.

Sanan Saengprachan, a driver from the protest group, said the jamming had left many taxis with no passengers because drivers could not stay in touch.

The group wants the provincial authorities to investigate the jamming of the drivers' radio frequency.

The drivers suspect that the influential group might be "black-plate" taxi operators who do not use meters. Nowadays passengers prefer metered taxis, they said.

Phitsanulok Metered Taxi was established in October 2010. It focuses on 24-hour service through a call centre with promises to pick up passengers within 15 minutes of a call.

A taxi driver shows a two-way radio that is not working because the frequency is jammed.

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