Jealous former husband shoots monk

A man has been arrested and charged with shooting a monk in a jealous rage because his former wife made frequent visits to his temple, Chiang Rai police said on Friday.

  • Published: 17/05/2013 at 02:22 PM
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Police said they received a report that Phra Chalermchon Suwanno, a deputy abbot of Wat Ton Fan, had been shot in the body and left leg. He was taken to Kasemrad Sriburin hospital in a critical condition.

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Phra Choketawee Siripanyo, a monk in Wat Ton Fan, told investigators that he heard what sounded like gunshots coming from the deputy abbot's room.

The monk said a short time later he saw a man walking out of Phra Chalermchon's room. 

Before the man drove away in a pickup truck, he told the monk, "There's nothing to be worried about, Phra Chalermchon was only testing something." 

Police later arrested the man, who lives only two kilometres from the temple. He appeared to be drunk, police said.

Police named the man as Prason Subinchompoo, 40.

According to Mr Prason's testimony, he and his wife separated after he returned from working in Taiwan for seven years.

He said his ex-wife frequently went to the temple to see the deputy abbot and have her fortune told. 

"I was jealous so I drank alcohol to ease the pain. Then I decided to pay the deputy abbot a visit and shot him," the suspect said, according to police.

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