Poll: Rice scheme most fishy

The public views the rice pledging scheme is the least transparent programme of the government, according to a new Abac Poll survey.

  • Published: 29/06/2013 at 12:45 PM
  • Newspaper section: breakingnews

The pollsters at Assumption University sought opinions on government project transparency from 1,507 people in 17 provinces nationwide between June 25 and 28.

Abac Poll reported that 85% of the respondents believed the rice scheme was the least transparent programme, followed by credit cards for farmers (71.6%), community and village funds (68.6%) and water resources management (67.1%).

The government this week completed inspections of all 2,071 warehouses involved in the rice-pledging scheme and said it found only 26 cases where the rice in storage did not match the amount claimed. The total discrepancy amounted to 1.25% of all rice in storage, officials said.

A total of 94.8% of respondents agreed that people should take part in evaluating the performance of all government projects, but 5.2% disagreed.

The pollsters also asked respondents what kind of news they wanted to hear about the most, and 90.2% said leadership, sacrifice and transparency in handling projects by politicians; 88.1% said they wanted to hear about peace in the far South, 85.4% said peace in the country overall, and 83% said economic improvement and low cost of living.

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