Dead pigs dumped in creek

ROI ET – Six stinking bags containing dead pigs have been found dumped in a small creek near a village in tambon Khon Kaen of Muang district, sparking fears the animals may have died of a contagious disease.

  • Published: 17/05/2013 at 02:25 PM
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Pol Lt Col Reungsak Suwansri, case specialist at Muang district, said local people reported that the foul smelling bags had been left under a bridge of Lam Huay Nua creek, between Tab Tao and Nong Hung villages. 

The police and Direk Sudadej, a vet at the provincial Livestock Office, went to inspect the bags and found they were stuffed full with dead pigs.

The pigs still had their internal organs intact, so samples were taken for examination, to find out whether the animals were in fact diseased.

Wichien Chantopas, 52, said he was the first to discover the bags, after being drawn to the site by a strong smell of putrefaction. He said he was worried that the bags might contain a dismembered foreigner, so he reported his finding to the village headman.

A check then showed the bags were full of dead pigs, so locals asked the Livestock Office to inspect the animals, fearing they may have died of some disease that could be contagious.

Mr Direk said the samples would be sent for tests at the Northeast Animal Disease Diagnostic Office in Surin province.

The test results should be ready within one week. In the meantime, local people were instructed not to use any water from the creek and not to allow their livestock to drink the water. They have also been been forbidden from fishing or bathing in the creek.

The police suspect that the pigs' owners may at first have planned to eat the dead pigs, but instead dumped them in the creek, fearing that they could catch whatever disease the pigs had.   

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