Abhisit: Democrat MPs won't resign

Democrat MPs will not resign but will continue to oppose the government's plan to push forward amnesty bills in the parliament, Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva said on Sunday.

  • Published: 4/08/2013 at 02:53 PM
  • Newspaper section: news

He said the Democrat MPs will still do their jobs in the parliament. But when it is outside the parliament, the Democrats will get on stage to explain the negative consequences of the amnesty bills to the public.

The former premier called on Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to withdraw all amnesty bills before parliament.

"I'm worried about the protests against the amnesty bills and I'm afraid they will escalate.

"If there's a clash between different groups of people, I want all sides to stay under the law. The one who can end the conflict is the government," Mr Abhisit said.

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