Abhisit: Protest indictment 'no surprise'

Opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva on Monday said the Office of the Attorney-General’s decision to indict he and Democrat MP Suthep Thaugsuban for murder during the 2010 political protests was to be expected.

  • Published: 28/10/2013 at 07:28 PM
  • Newspaper section: news

The former prime minister said he was ready to fight the case in court and is confident of his innocence, adding that everyone in society must live by the rule of law. 

Mr Abhisit and Mr Suthep, who was his deputy premier in 2010, have been accused of ordering security forces to crack down on the 2010 protests, leading to the deaths of red-shirt protesters.

“If what I and Suthep did was wrong, I will accept it and will acknowledge that whoever in the future is in the same position as Suthep and I were that day can no longer do the same," Mr Abhisit said.

Mr Abhisit insisted the charge brought against him was false and said he had already lodged complaints with prosecutors.

“It’s time to establish our social norms, for the sake of tomorrow’s peace. My case is a small issue when compared with what’s going on as a result of the amnesty bill,” the Democrat Party leader said.   

Mr Suthep added that he was pleased to battle the case in the courts and was not worried or discouraged by the indictment.

The murder case is expected to be referred to a court soon but Abhisit and Suthep enjoy immunity while parliament is in session because they are lawmakers, prosecutors said.

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