NHSO agrees to up budget

The National Health Security Office (NHSO) board has agreed to push up the 2015 budget per head for the National Health Security Fund to 3,361.63 baht.

  • Published: 7/04/2014 at 02:08 AM
  • Newspaper section: news

The agreement was reached in the NHSO board meeting last week.

NHSO secretary general Winai Sawasdivorn said the 2015 budget per person will rise by 466.54 baht from 2,895.09 baht in this fiscal year.

The adjustment takes into account current wages, the inflation rate, health services and the 14% rise in the budget per head set aside to promote good public health, he said.

According to Dr Winai, the National Health Security fund for next year's budget will be 142 billion baht, up 23.7% from this year's budget.

Of that amount, about 3.2 billion baht will be allocated to health services for HIV/Aids patients, 7.3 billion baht for those suffering from chronic kidney disease and 995 million baht for prevention and treatment of other chronic diseases, including diabetes and high blood pressure.

As the government is a caretaker one, the cabinet may not be able to approve the budget, Dr Winai said, and the NHSO board matched the 2015 budget with this year's.

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