1. Shock and sadness

    Junko Ishido, mother of Kenji Goto, a Japanese journalist who was held captive by Islamic State militants, speaks to reporters at her house in Tokyo on Sunday.

    Japan and other nations condemned with outrage and horror the beheading purportedly by the Islamic State group of a Japanese journalist. (Reuters photo)

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  2. Reduced to ruble

    With the ruble in a free-fall and showing no signs of recovery, local businesses in Pattaya that rely heavily on Russian tourism are starting to suffer.

  3. From forest to court

    The government and officials are talking tough about ending encroachment on Thap Lan and other national parks, but efforts to reclaim land are being hampered.

  4. Trouble in paradise

    US man fights extradition to Thailand on what he claims are false charges brought by an American millionaire with some heavyweight Thai connections.

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