Cop caught "asking for tea money" (video)

BANGKOK: A video clip of a traffic police officer trying to collect "tea money" from a motorist was posted on YouTube and drew many negative comments against the police by Thai netizens.

  • Published: 29/11/2012 at 06:42 PM
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The video was uploaded by a YouTube channel user named hatethaipolice on Thursday.

In the clip, the motorist was stopped by the officer, presumably somewhere in Bangkok.

The motorist handed a document and his driver's licence to the officer and explained to him that his car was new and did not have a regular licence plate yet.

The officer then told the motorist that he did not need to read the document and that he was guilty for not registering his car with the Land Transport Department and for strapping items to the roof of the vehicle.

"Do you want me to issue a ticket?" the officer asked.

"Issue it," the driver replied.

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The officer did not issue the ticket and then asked the driver where he was going.

The driver told him that he was going to Chachoengsao province and he was an employee of a telephone company.

The policeman then made an offer to the driver and said, "I won't issue the ticket but you can show me a little kindness."

He then asked for 300 baht to buy coffee.

Another man in the car told the officer that it would be better to issue the ticket.

The driver added that his company would pay the fine.

"I'll let you go this time," the policeman told them.

After the officer left, the man in the car told the driver that the officer "just wanted money."

Thai netizens posted messages on YouTube, criticising the police.

"Now, thieves are wearing state uniforms," a netizen said.

"The owner's not nice. The cop only wanted some tea money," another poster said sarcastically.

"300 baht? Is the cop drinking Starbucks?" another netizen said.

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