ATM spits out New Year bonanza

SUKHOTHAI : People who cashed in after an ATM started paying out double will be identified by security camera footage and told to give the money back.

  • Published: 30/12/2012 at 12:00 AM
  • Newspaper section: topstories

Customers of the Khiri Mat branch of the Government Savings Bank (GSB) discovered the pleasant surprise at the ATM at the front of the district office on Friday.

Residents said the machine started dispensing twice the money customers had requested, without debiting their accounts for the excess amount.

Many more rushed to take out money after news of the cash bonanza spread.

It was not known how much money the bank lost in the incident, seen by many as an unexpected windfall or even a New Year gift.

Nuanprang Krongtanin, director of the GSB's Sukhothai area office, said bank staff found and fixed a software glitch, and the ATM was able to be brought back online later on Friday.

Ms Nuanprang said one honest customer notified the branch manager that he had received 20,000 baht from the machine after keying in 10,000 baht. The bank then disabled the machine.

The bank will use security camera footage to identify customers who received extra money during the ATM's brief bout of generosity, she said.

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