Students 'forced to become caddies'

KALASIN - Many parents and students gathered outside a well-known school in Kalasin's Muang district on Thursday, demanding the resignation or transfer of its director, who has been accused of forcing female students to work as caddies at a golf club, according to a Daily News report.

  • Published: 11/01/2013 at 12:23 PM
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A student representative told reporters that Surapong Phusaengsri, the director of Khamin Phitthayasan School, insisted that female students between grade 10 and 12  work as caddies at a golf club about 30 kilometres from the school.

If the students refused he would tell them that the school would not issue grades to them, the representative said. photo

One of the parents of a student said the director paid no attention to improving the school and he also brought a bad name to the institution.

The parent said the Kalasin Provincial Administrative Organisation had previously been informed about this issue but nothing happened.

A 10th grade student who had unwillingly become a part-time caddy said the school had never sent a letter seeking permission from her parents.

"Being a caddy is not my duty or my friends', but we've been threatened about our grades so we have to do it. I won't let this happen again because it's hard work and we're at risk of being molested," she said. "The school director cannot stay here any longer."

Mr Surapong said the whole issue was a misunderstanding.

"On getting the students to work as caddies, the Kalasin Provincial Administrative Organisation has asked for cooperation from schools in finding student volunteers to help work as caddies at a charity golf tournament.

"There's an announcement asking students to volunteer to do this, and the school also provides them transportation and proper allowances," the school director said.

He called on the parents to reconsider and investigate thoroughly, becaused he does not want to be wrongly accused.

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