Pongsapat winner in 2 of 3 entry polls

Pol Gen Pongsapat Pongcharoen of the Pheu Thai Party won two entry or pre-election polls conducted by three pollsters, while only one poll picked MR Sukhumbhand Parabatra of the Democrat Party as the winner in today's Bangkok governor election.

  • Published: 3/03/2013 at 03:50 PM
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Pol Gen Pongsapat beat MR Sukhumbhand by a wide margin, according to the entry poll conducted by Suan Dusit Poll on 7,080 eligible voters between March 1-3.

Suan Dusit Poll said Pol Gen Pongsapat was the most favoured with support of 49.01%, followed by MR Sukhumbhand with 39.65% and Pol Gen Sereepisuth Temeeyawes on 7.03%, Suharit Siamwala with 1.34% and Kosit Suwinijjit at 0.88%.

According to Suan Dusit, Pol Gen Pongsapat would win in 33 districts and Mr Sukhumbhand in seven with close results in 10 districts.

The other pollster, Abac Poll, conducted a survey between Feb 28 and Mar 2 on 5,713 eligible voters and also picked Pol Gen Pongsapat as the winner with support from 45.9% of the respondents, followed by 34.1% for MR Sukhumbhand.

But the other entry poll conducted by Nida Poll between Feb 26 and Mar 1 on 2,517 eligible voters revealed that 43.16% of the respondents were for MR Sukhumbhand, 41.45% for Pol Gen Pongsapat, 8.72% for Pol Gen Sereepisuth, 2.92% for Mr Suharit, 1.21% for Mr Kosit and 0.32% for other independent runners.

Nida Poll said MR Sukhumbhand was more popular than other candidates in Central Bangkok, South Bangkok and North of Thonburi while Pol Gen Pongsapat was more popular in the rest of the areas.

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