Democrats: Time to dissolve biased Capo

The caretaker government's Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (Capo) should be dissolved and the job of ensuring public safety handed to impartial bodies, says the Democrat Party.

  • Published: 10/05/2014 at 05:15 PM
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The party issued its call on Saturday as Capo stepped up its criticism of the anti-government People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) and its leaders, and warned people not to join its activities.

At the same time, Capo said that for their own safety, people should also avoid taking part in activities of the pro-government United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD).

However, Capo reserved its strongest criticism for the PDRC and its leader, Suthep Thaugsuban, who has brought his followers back out onto the streets of the capital to push for the ouster of the government.
In a statement, Capo said that Mr Suthep and other PDRC leaders were violating laws and causing damage to the nation. It noted that prosecutors had already pressed serious charges against them including insurrection, terrorism, election obstruction and illegal assembly.

Capo also said it had ordered the Anti-Money Laundering Office (Amlo) to freeze the assets of Mr Suthep and other PDRC leaders.

Chavanond: Capo "not preserving peace and order" but making threats. (Photo by Pornprom Satrabhaya)

As well, it noted, Mr Suthep was being prosecuted for murder in connection with the crackdown on UDD protests in 2010, along with corruption in the construction of police stations and flats, and public land encroachment.

The former Democrat deputy premier was using his demonstrators as a "shield" to protect himself from prosecution, the statement said.

Capo also denounced the PDRC for staging rallies at television stations and Government House and threatening TV stations that did not broadcast PDRC statements.

It warned people who join PDRC demonstrations that they too could face legal action in collection with violations committed by the group.

The Democrat Party responded by pleading with both sides in the political standoff to refrain from violence, while also calling for Capo to be dissolved.

Spokesman Chavanond Intarakomalyasut said the government and security agencies must handle the current political rallies impartially.

"The government must dissolve Capo because it's not preserving peace and order of the country. It has criticised the Constitutional Court and threatened people," he said.

Capo this week questioned the legitimacy of the charter court ruling that resulted in Yingluck Shinawatra stepping down from the premiership. Ms Yingluck and nine ministers who served with her at the time were forced to step down after the court ruled that the transfer former National Security Council chief Thawil Pliensri was engineered to benefit people close to Thaksin Shinawatra.

Two of the ministers now out of work play key roles in Capo: Chalerm Yubamrung supervises the centre and former deputy premier and foreign minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul is its chief adviser.

Mr Chavanond also said that the governing Pheu Thai Party should respect the justice system and the constitution and stop distorting the truth.

"The Democrat Party is against violence, revolution and a tearing up the constitution, and all sides must work together to find a solution to the country," he said.

Jurin Laksanavisit, a deputy spokesman for the Democrat Party, also called on Pheu Thai not to intervene in the Senate's work.

He was responding to comments made by Pheu Thai spokesman Prompong Nopparit, who said he would ask the Constitutional Court whether the election of the Senate speaker on Friday night breached the charter.

The Senate on Friday night elected Surachai Liangboonlertchai, an appointed senator who was favoured by the PDRC, as its new speaker.

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