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    Piracy wars misdirected

    11 Feb 2015 : The tepid response to a highway raid on lorryloads of counterfeit goods seems to carry a message. Police say they were acting on a tip-off when they decided to inspect three parked lorries on a secondary road just outside Korat last Saturday night. They said they found 44,000 individual items, almost all of them knock-offs of brand-name handbags, shoes, ornaments and the like. The goods were supposedly smuggled in from Laos. The media and the public showed little interest.

  • environment

    A brighter course for the Mekong

    11 Feb 2015 : More than four decades ago, as a young lieutenant in the "brown-water navy", my crew and I journeyed down the Mekong River on an American gunboat. Even with the war all around us, in quiet moments we couldn't help but be struck by the beauty and the power of the river — the water buffalo, the seafood we traded with local fishermen, the mangrove on the sides of the river and inlets.


    Producers don't give a 4K about Ultra HD

    11 Feb 2015 : Will Ultra HD, sometimes called 4K, technology take off? As someone who likes new technology that provides a sharper picture, I hope so, but the industry pundits are lukewarm on the subject for the simple reason that there are very few ways to get any content with movie studios and TV producers slow out of the gate.

  • Plane your fears away

    11 Feb 2015 : When did you last travel by air?

  • Postbag

    It’s business, stupid

    10 Feb 2015 : The Thai media is still bothered by “the USA” suggesting Thailand has somehow lost it’s way regarding democracy and human rights.

  • development

    Prosperity favours the innovators

    10 Feb 2015 : Companies, like people, grow old. They start life small and eager to survive, fueled by youthful energy and fresh ideas. They compete, expand, mature and eventually, with few exceptions, fade into obscurity. The same is true of governments: they, too, can lose the hunger and ambition of youth and allow themselves to become complacent.


    Poachers in the crosshairs

    10 Feb 2015 : The raid last week on the Kanchanaburi "tiger temple" is a firm step in the right direction in protecting wild animals. There is no known proof that the monks at Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua were directly involved in wildlife trafficking. But virtually every activity of the temple was a wink, a nod or outright acts of endangering the animals. In addition to around 100 live tigers, raiding officers of the Ratchaburi province division of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment found 38 hornbills and other protected birds.


    Pressing down, pushing down 

    10 Feb 2015 : They marched on a Thursday afternoon, about a year after I'd moved to Shenzhen, a metropolis on China's southern border.  


    They distrust the politicians and voters ... so who's left?

    10 Feb 2015 : As the country is entering a mode of reconstructing socio-political landscapes, debates on who will call the final shots for democracy in Thailand are unfortunately tamed, thanks to martial law.

  • post bag

    No public scolding

    09 Feb 2015 : We, Americans long involved personally and professionally with Thailand, respectfully declare our concern about what many see as injudicious public remarks by Mr Daniel Russel on his recent Bangkok visit. We write out of concern for the feelings of our Thai hosts and, as we travel the world, for our own safety as well. Our Thai hosts’ graciousness towards their visitors means our second concern goes mainly to consequences elsewhere of the pattern of behaviour which Mr Russel displayed here.

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