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    Seeing medicine as a social science

    03 Feb 2015 : When I was a medical student in the mid-1980s, I contracted malaria in Papua New Guinea. It was a miserable experience. My head ached. My temperature soared. I became anaemic. But I took my medicine, and I got better. The experience wasn't pleasant, but thanks to cheap, effective malaria drugs I was never in very much danger.

  • Postbag: Place the displaced

    02 Feb 2015 : Re: “Vigilantes fight against human trafficking”, (BP, Jan 31).

  • Labour

    Workers struggle in the robot age

    02 Feb 2015 : Fears about the impact of technology on the labour market are nothing new. In the early 19th century, a group of English textile workers known as the Luddites worried that new technologies like power looms and spinning frames would cost them their jobs. They protested by smashing the machines.

  • Regime's 'attitude adjustment' sessions likely to fail

    02 Feb 2015 : 'Attitude adjustment": In the Urban Dictionary, it is a finishing move in which a wrestler hoists an opponent onto his shoulders and drops him sideways. According to, this move is used by WWE superstar John Cena and is considered by some fans as one of the weakest and least impactful moves in professional wrestling. 


    Fairness runs both ways

    02 Feb 2015 : A surge in reports about cheating taxi drivers began two weeks ago. A Japanese resident, Akihiro Tomikawa, posted an account of an argument with a driver at Suvarnabhumi airport. The bilingual Facebook story by Mr Tomikawa, who calls himself Koki Aki, attracted thousands of likes and comments.


    Yazidi woman recalls the nightmare of Islamic State captivity

    02 Feb 2015 : W ith the recent battlefield success of the Kurdish forces against the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria, some of the people held captive by this jihadist army are now being released. This includes dozens, if not hundreds, of women who were pressed into a brutal kind of sexual slavery.

  • Southern peace talks hang by a thread

    02 Feb 2015 : While Bangkok and the rest of the nation accept the well-explained steps in the Prayut government's plan for the next phase of the southern peace dialogue, civic groups in the Deep South are not holding their breath.


    Travels with friends and family

    02 Feb 2015 : I am blessed to have great friends. They are the people who have helped me manoeuvre past the obstacles life has thrown at me over the years, and the ones who have joined me in moments of great pleasure. And there have been a great many.

  • post script

    Remembering the first tabloid strip queen

    01 Feb 2015 : Following last week’s column concerning premature reports of the demise of The Sun’s Page 3 girls, it seems only fair to point out the noble deeds of an ageless beauty who appeared in a rival tabloid in a different era.


    Leaders must face up to their critics

    01 Feb 2015 : Last week’s brief outage of Facebook and Instagram probably annoyed selfie-centric Sukhumvit slickers more than anyone else. But spare a thought for the civil servants who work in the Department of Provincial Administration. On Friday, as most were looking to a post-pay day weekend, it was revealed the department head Krissada Boonrat had issued a ban on the use of Facebook, Line and other social media on work computers and devices. The use of email would also be restricted to government business.

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