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  • EDITORIALFacts about condoms

    31 Jan 2015 : Facts and proven practices should prevail over outdated attitudes and unfounded fears in a long overdue plan to install condom vending machines in schools.

  • PostbagPostbag: Anguish for the future

    31 Jan 2015 : All those who have criticised the comments by US envoy Daniel Russel during his visit to Thailand should read Songkran Grachangnetara’s article, “Only real democracy will solve Thailand’s problems” on Thursday. It’s the most powerful he has written so far. The article clearly illustrates Mr Songkran’s anguish at the current plight of his country, and his concerns for the future will be shared by many of Thailand’s friends abroad.

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  • Postbag

    Thai problem, too

    16 Dec 2014 : Vint Chavala sure was funny when he complained about Chinese tourists strolling in heavy-traffic streets and riding motorbikes against the traffic flow. ("The Chinese problem", PostBag, Dec 15)


    Recipe for reform risks turning sour

    16 Dec 2014 : The New Year is almost upon us and we should get ready for a hodgepodge of a party.

  • society

    The last baby boomer turns 50

    16 Dec 2014 : Carlos Barientos III was born at 6.45 on the evening of Dec 31, 1964, a few miles northwest of Honolulu. This year, he will turn 50, quite possibly making him the last member of the US "baby boom" to do so.


    Half measures against drugs

    16 Dec 2014 : Authorities in the four countries which share the upper Mekong River are finally taking steps to cooperate in fighting the drug traffickers of the Golden Triangle. That is good news. Unfortunately, there also is bad news.

  • health

    Klity Creek's neglected toxic lead legacy 

    16 Dec 2014 : Lower Klity Creek village is a magical, almost idyllic place. It's home to some 400 ethnic Karen people, in a part of Thailand known for its national parks and scenic waterfalls. The creek meanders out of the jungle, through the hundred or so homes that make up the village and down to a large reservoir.

  • Animal rights should be commonplace

    16 Dec 2014 : Animal cruelty has always triggered my wrath. And for good reason. My experience with my cats and dogs has proven without a shred of doubt their unconditional love for humans.

  • PostBag

    Essence of faith

    15 Dec 2014 : Re: “Monk slaps English teacher” (BP Online, Dec 14).


    China might be key to the prosecution of Yingluck

    15 Dec 2014 : Former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra can relax and enjoy the New Year festival without worrying about whether she will be indicted in the interim — courtesy of the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG).


    Admit to past errors

    15 Dec 2014 : The release of a report last week on the handling of terrorists by the US Central Intelligence Agency has echoed around the world and created waves in several countries, including Thailand. While the outlines of such "enhanced interrogation" have long been known, it was the chilling detail of the report that grabbed attention. That, plus the help provided by other countries.

  • power plants

    Confusion reigns over energy plan

    15 Dec 2014 : With a power development plan to be considered Monday by the National Energy Policy Council (NEPC), chaired by Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, questions are re-emerging about transparency.

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