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  • POSTBAGReach for the video

    30 Jan 2015 : Re: “Govt scolds US envoy for Yingluck jibe”, (BP, Jan 29).

  • EDITORIALRape is no joking matter

    30 Jan 2015 : In a country where a rape happens every 15 minutes, the serial rapes and rape-murders of elderly women that have recently hit the headlines reflect larger social and cultural problems Thailand needs to address — the sidelining of the elderly and the country's rape culture.

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    Heading for a police state

    07 Dec 2014 : I have been reading with some concern about what appears to be the increasing occurrence of spot urine testing of mainly Western males in the Thong Lor and Asoke areas of Bangkok, but did not personally know anyone that had been subjected to this until this week.


    NACC soap operas a bad plot twist

    07 Dec 2014 : Suddenly, everyone can write for television. First it was the man who installed himself as prime minister who ordered up soap opera scripts about reconciliation and declared he would "write them myself" if they weren't up to standard. Prayut Chan-o-cha's suggested storyline about two foreign families visiting Thailand and falling in love is yet to appear, which implies he has either found more important matters to attend to, or penning dialogue is not as easy as he thought.


    Off to the movies … and a bit of tweeting

    07 Dec 2014 : There has been considerable debate in the Bangkok social media concerning the merits of tweeting on the phone while sitting in a cinema. While this hardly ranks as the most important issue facing the kingdom in these demanding times, it does raise the sensitive problem of cinema etiquette.

  • Postbag

    Postbag: Aetas not only culprit

    06 Dec 2014 : Your Dec 3 report on the Aetas building is well put and you make the important point that this should be a warning for future developers. However, you fail to make another point which is whether or not this should lead to action against other offending buildings. I can think of several within a short distance of where I stay in Sukhumvit Soi 39 including one that is currently under construction. The sois around here are certainly less than 10m wide in places and there are several huge condos and apartment buildings. There is a very valid reason for the 10m rule. Small streets cannot cater for the large volumes of traffic created by these big residences. As an urban planner it annoys me to see the apparent disregard for the normal rules of development control.

  • Land use

    Water conservation can pay off big-time

    06 Dec 2014 : Call it a sign of the times. Rarely a month passes in which a water crisis does not make headlines somewhere in the world.


    Military must set example

    06 Dec 2014 : First Army Region commander Kampanart Ruddith has two options. He can produce evidence backing up his claim that five Khon Kaen University students were paid by local politicians to flash the three-finger protest salute at a speech by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. Or he must apologise and clear the names of the accused activists.

  • Postbag

    Postbag: We need martial law

    05 Dec 2014 : Time and time again since the NCPO’s May 22 coup and the subsequent induction of Gen Prayut’s government, people have called for a revocation of martial law, claiming that it interferes with their lives and businesses.

  • The eco-friendly energy race is on

    05 Dec 2014 : Surveying the energy scene around the world gives the impression that renewable energy — once considered as the “little league” by many experts — is on the verge of breaking from an awkward stroll into a sprint.


    King of hearts

    05 Dec 2014 : Today is a day of joy when the country sets asides political bickering to join hearts as one to celebrate the 87th birthday of His Majesty the King.


    For the sake of our sanity, axe booze ban

    05 Dec 2014 : When I was very young, one of my chores was running errands after school.

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