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  • EDITORIALPicked Senate hurts reform

    28 Feb 2015 : One of the Constitution Drafting Committee’s (CDC) core missions is to provide an institutional design to pave the way for national reconciliation.

  • PostbagCDC plans worrying

    28 Feb 2015 : I don’t think there is anything wrong with a Senate that is not elected by the people, but some of the proposals by the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) are worrying. Candidates are to be selected from five groups which are so obviously hierarchical in nature, ranging from Supreme Court presidents in the first group to healthcare experts in the lowest group.

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  • Constitution writers should do the right thing

    22 Feb 2015 : One of the current debates in the constitution drafting process is whether to retain the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand or merge it with the Office of the Ombudsman.

  • Postbag

    Learn from the Scots

    21 Feb 2015 : Re: “Unlike Greece, our ‘corruption trap’ has no end in sight,” (BP, Feb 18).

  • Clarification

    21 Feb 2015 : In the Feb 19, 2015, editorial “Move to axe pier welcome”, the Bangkok Post praised the move by Koh Samet National Park to take legal action against Rayong Resort for illegally building a 380m-long pier into the sea, which is covered by the park.

  • southeast asia

    Mother tongue-based learning key to linguistic success

    21 Feb 2015 : ‘Why is mother tongue-based multilingual education important?” It’s a question I’ve been asked often over the past five years in my role as the coordinator of the Asia Multilingual Education Working Group, which advocates on behalf of removing barriers to quality education for ethnolinguistic minorities in Southeast Asia.

  • lese majeste

    Without free speech, artistic creativity will wither

    21 Feb 2015 : On Monday morning, the 87th Academy Awards from Los Angeles will be broadcast live in Thailand. A few hours later, at 1pm, an entirely different type of show will be staged at the Criminal Court in Bangkok.


    Pier collapse a tragic lesson

    21 Feb 2015 : The Supreme Court's decision ordering the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to compensate relatives of people killed in the 1995 collapse of the Phran Nok pier should make authorities more wary of their duty to safeguard public safety.


    ‘Citizenfour’ rings eerily close to home

    21 Feb 2015 : Come Oscar night tomorrow, Edward Snowden, still holed up in Moscow, won’t be joining the glitterati in Los Angeles though the film in which he is appears likely to snatch a golden doll. Unless there’s a major upset, Citizenfour should win Best Documentary, and the spectre of massive national surveillance, indiscriminate spying and the thorny scuffle to find balance between national security and the sanctity of human rights will, hopefully, steal some of the vacuous limelight that characterises the Oscars.

  • PostBag

    Keep Thaksin out

    20 Feb 2015 : Anyone who considers involving the fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra in Thai politics of the future must be mad or bad, or both. Hasn’t his family been the cause of enough damage and bloodshed in the country already?


    Give rights to hill people

    20 Feb 2015 : The social media world this week has been overwhelmed with Chinese New Year celebrations messages and postings by happy netizens sharing pictures of their Chinese ancestors. The cyber world echoes the pride and joy of the fully integrated Chinese Thais in society. Thailand should feel proud about that.


    Education, health top Thai priorities

    20 Feb 2015 : If you could come up with goals for the world to aspire to over the next 15 years, what would they be? What should we focus on?

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