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  • finance

    Bankers can help save the Earth

    18 Feb 2015 : Financial markets serve two crucial purposes: to channel savings towards productive investments, and to enable individuals and businesses to manage risks through diversification and insurance. As a result, the sector is essential to sustainable development, which represents unprecedented global investment opportunities and risk-management challenges. 

  • Unlike Greece, our 'corruption trap' has no end in sight

    18 Feb 2015 : The victory of Greece's Syriza — the newborn political party with a radical left-wing ideology — at the recent election sends various messages. Among others, it demonstrates that, once again, corruption can trigger political transformation.

  • Take the long way

    18 Feb 2015 : Before the Thai-Chinese population can get to holidaying and frolicking tomorrow, the main deed to be taken care of today is that of paying respects to ancestors. Only after one has passed that checkpoint, with all the incense, firecrackers and greasy food in between, does the celebrating begin. Although she was born in Thailand, my mother is a second-generation Teochew immigrant, meaning her upbringing was influenced by Chinese traditions. Like any heritage-respecting Thai-Chinese person, she is expected to be at her sister's house today, where the ceremonies to commemorate their late parents will take place. 


    Xiaomi Redmi ticks all the boxes

    18 Feb 2015 : So after a few weeks use of the Xiaomi Redmi 5.5-inch phone, which cost me about 6,500 baht shipped, for the price this seems an excellent product. It has a removable battery, supports a Micro SD card up to 64GB and comes with a 13MP camera. It supports 4G and connects quite well to Wi-Fi networks. It has a 720 x 1280 pixel screen which gives a pixel density of about 267, so it is not as sharp as units three times the price but still works well. Battery life is quite good, supporting all day use driving Android 4.4. With a quad core CPU it is snappy enough for most tasks. GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct round out the functionality with even FM support included. The price-per-function ratio is therefore very high for a 4G device. For the majority, this kind of phone will be fine for making calls and usual smartphone functionality. Best of all it uses a non Samsung-ed version of Android minus all those add-ons I find annoying. As usual shop around and make up your own mind.

  • Wat Dhammakaya 'donations' must be returned

    17 Feb 2015 : Honestly, I cannot resist writing something about last week’s disclosure by Pol Col Sihanart Prayoonrat, secretary-general of the Anti-Money Laundering Office, regarding controversial donations totalling 714 million baht made to Wat Dhammakaya.

  • Postbag

    Thong Lor cop is tops

    17 Feb 2015 : Three chaiyos for Pol Col Khajohnpong Jitpakpoom’s ordering of his station’s cops to stop harassing foreigners. He’s the newly-appointed Thong Lor police superintendent, and foreigners under his station’s jurisdiction have long complained of arbitrary stops by police, on-the-spot urine tests and shakedowns by cops looking for bribes.

  • finance

    Currency war poses threat to the global economy

    17 Feb 2015 : Six and a half years after the global financial crisis, central banks in emerging and developed economies alike are continuing to pursue unprecedentedly activist — and unpredictable — monetary policy. How much road remains in this extraordinary journey?


    Bring on an election, not more hot air

    17 Feb 2015 : Will all political conflicts, everything that we have disagreed and fought over, disappear if PM Prayut Chan-o-cha sits down and talks them over with former PM Thaksin Shinawatra?


    Blow here for safety

    17 Feb 2015 : Chutima Kunnang, a saleswoman from Nakhon Phanom, deserves a mention in future histories of Thai culture. The 28-year-old also deserves a small thanks from the nation at large. She didn't know it, but when police stopped her car in Bangkok last week, she made history. Chutima was the first person arrested under a new law that requires vehicle operators suspected of drink driving to either take a breathalyser test on the spot, or be detained for more thorough medical checks that might prove the suspicion to be true.

  • A mark of society

    17 Feb 2015 : I recently travelled to Phu Kradueng National Park in Loei province to experience one of the most famous hiking trails in the country. The mountain rises 1,316m above sea level, and most people take three to five hours on the 5.5km journey to the top. From then on, there is more walking to do. Another 3km on foot and you can pass out at the campsite.

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