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  • The big issue: Swaying bamboo

    01 Mar 2015 : Pisan Manawapat has one general job and one specific job in his new role as Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to the United States of America. Both could serve as plots for Mission Impossible, although a Hollywood happy ending is not assured.

  • post scriptThe hills are alive with the sound of Gaga

    01 Mar 2015 : In an otherwise underwhelming Oscars ceremony, the stand-out moment came from a most unexpected source. Not being a fan of Lady Gaga, I was quite stunned by her performance of a medley from The Sound of Music, in honour of the film’s 50th anniversary.

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  • energy

    Cheap oil offers chance to change

    12 Feb 2015 : The recent decline in oil prices is likely to have a major, largely positive impact on the global economy — even greater than most observers seem to recognise. Indeed, if governments take advantage of lower oil prices today to implement critical energy-policy reforms, the benefits may improve structural features of their economies tomorrow.


    Yingluck leaving would be a win-win for both camps

    12 Feb 2015 : There is only one reason why the junta is putting the brakes on former premier Yingluck Shinawatra's request for permission to go to Hong Kong to see her fugitive brother — to prevent her exile.

  • The trouble with love

    12 Feb 2015 : Valentine's Day is a day of happiness and quirky activities that attest to how far people go and what they are willing to do for love.

  • media

    Williams furore exposes culture of TV news falsity

    12 Feb 2015 : The understandable furore over the embellishment of his CV by the US's NBC presenter Brian Williams has drawn attention to the entire television news industry, with many observers saying that it is now more than ever an extension of show business.


    Rethink rights merger

    12 Feb 2015 : Of all the ideas floated by the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) pushing for national reform, a proposal to merge the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) with the parliamentary Ombudsman is among the most controversial, stirring opposition from various factions. 

  • Local Concerns: Renewable Energy

    Fossil fuel habit puts energy future at risk

    12 Feb 2015 : The discovery of the first commercial natural gas field in the Gulf of Thailand in 1981 was hailed as a milestone that would propel Thailand to economic prosperity.

  • Postbag

    Bad MPs spawn coups

    11 Feb 2015 : Re: "Murphy steps up calls for democracy", (BP, Feb 10).

  • politics

    Prayut targets critics at home

    11 Feb 2015 : Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha is confident and believes in himself. He does not mince words. On the final leg of his visit to Japan while riding the high-speed Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka, he speaks about his role as prime minister, what makes him angry and the future of reform and reconciliation. Below are excepts of the exclusive interview.


    Local control of education empowers us

    11 Feb 2015 : Who should decide whether schools can install condom vending machines on their premises? The headmasters? The parents? The communities? The kids? Or should it be a joint decision by all parties?


    Piracy wars misdirected

    11 Feb 2015 : The tepid response to a highway raid on lorryloads of counterfeit goods seems to carry a message. Police say they were acting on a tip-off when they decided to inspect three parked lorries on a secondary road just outside Korat last Saturday night. They said they found 44,000 individual items, almost all of them knock-offs of brand-name handbags, shoes, ornaments and the like. The goods were supposedly smuggled in from Laos. The media and the public showed little interest.

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