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  • PostbagReach for the video

    30 Jan 2015 : Re: “Govt scolds US envoy for Yingluck jibe”, (BP, Jan 29).

  • EDITORIALRape is no joking matter

    30 Jan 2015 : In a country where a rape happens every 15 minutes, the serial rapes and rape-murders of elderly women that have recently hit the headlines reflect larger social and cultural problems Thailand needs to address — the sidelining of the elderly and the country's rape culture.

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  • economics

    Europe's woes risk social backlash

    13 Jan 2015 : At long last, the United States is showing signs of recovery from the crisis that erupted at the end of President George W Bush's administration, when the near-implosion of its financial system sent shock waves around the world. But it is not a strong recovery; at best, the gap between where the economy would have been and where it is today is not widening. If it is closing, it is doing so very slowly; the damage wrought by the crisis appears to be long term.


    Balancing lese majeste with free speech

    13 Jan 2015 : The massacre at Charlie Hebdo has its own religious and cultural context. That does not mean we Thais should not pay attention to the free speech versus hate speech conflict at the heart of the brutality.

  • For children, few role models among the ruling class

    13 Jan 2015 : Having observed Children's Day activities on Saturday, I can't help but think we should stop organising these celebrations.


    Route to a referendum

    13 Jan 2015 : The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) seized power with several promises. One, often tested and sometimes found wanting, was the pledge to abandon populist policies. In truth, no modern nation, including Thailand, exists without such programmes. The vital question is not whether to wipe out everything populist, but just how to moderate populism in a way that benefits all, especially the nation itself.

  • Inconvenient truth of city living

    13 Jan 2015 : While many city dwellers admire rural life, an increasing number of the population from other provinces move to Bangkok every year. A rapid expansion of condominium projects, congested roads, paddy fields in suburbs and the outskirts of Bangkok being transformed into residential zones are some of the indicators showing more people have relocated and settled in Bangkok.

  • post bag

    No place for kids

    12 Jan 2015 : Re: “Children in South need urgent protection” (BP, Dec 10)

  • 'Silent' NLA members could hinder impeachment

    12 Jan 2015 : Every time there has been a vote in the National Legislative Assembly on issues connected to the impeachment cases against former Senate speaker Nikhom Wairachpanich, former House speaker Somsak Kiatsuranont and former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra, a group of 10 or so members abstain for reasons which have never been explained publicly.


    A digital misstep

    12 Jan 2015 : The government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is taking questionable steps in its stated policy of enabling a digital economy. It has set too many parts of the programme heading in the wrong direction. The first error is to claim the digital economy will occur because of government policies and direction. In fact, the already evolving digital economy has been percolating for a generation. The government's sudden and unneeded interjection of state power and force is much more likely to impede or hobble the digital economy than to push it to a higher level.

  • media

    Free speech and the crossing of a line

    12 Jan 2015 : Within 24 hours of the tragic killings last Thursday at the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo, scores of editorials and commentaries poured out from the media, mainstream as well as alternative, about the need to defend freedom of expression from threats of terrorism.

  • infrastructure

    Water plans rehash old, tired ideas

    12 Jan 2015 : Sawai Boonma suggests it takes fortitude and visionary leadership to proceed with large-scale hydraulic infrastructure projects in Thailand.

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