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  • POSTBAGReach for the video

    30 Jan 2015 : Re: “Govt scolds US envoy for Yingluck jibe”, (BP, Jan 29).

  • EDITORIALRape is no joking matter

    30 Jan 2015 : In a country where a rape happens every 15 minutes, the serial rapes and rape-murders of elderly women that have recently hit the headlines reflect larger social and cultural problems Thailand needs to address — the sidelining of the elderly and the country's rape culture.

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  • Big ideas like Kra Canal take guts to follow through on

    07 Jan 2015 : With attention focused largely on holiday celebrations in the past couple of weeks, most Thais probably missed the news about a milestone event in Nicaragua just before Christmas. The event was a groundbreaking ceremony, commencing the construction of the Nicaragua Canal linking the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean.


    The Chinese are coming

    07 Jan 2015 : This will be the year of the Chinese phone manufacturers.

  • Tang Archeewa's puppet master should shut him up

    06 Jan 2015 : The Ministry of Foreign Affairs seems to have just awakened to the problem of Ekaphob Luera, widely known as “Tang Archeewa.” Without a hard push from the National Council for Peace and Order, I wonder if the ministry will do something regarding the red-shirt underling now facing lese majeste charges.

  • Postbag

    Postbag: Within our rights

    06 Jan 2015 : In response to the editorial, “Indonesia is wrong” (BP, Dec 5) the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia wishes to state the following:

  • The more things change, the more they stay the same

    06 Jan 2015 : I'm in the hotels and resorts industry, so most of my staff are local to each hotel's location. The majority of my people have few if any formal qualifications apart from the undying will to work hard and to make something of their lives. As the chief executive, I'm constantly called on stage to make the opening speech at our annual staff parties.


    Unelected PM plan winds back the clock

    06 Jan 2015 : The first draft of the new constitution will not be available until Jan 12, but the public already has an idea what will be in the document.


    Danger in the skies

    06 Jan 2015 : They first appeared as part of the tradition of floating one's troubles away in a hot-air lantern, then they turned into a fad. The fad transformed into spectacle and turned tradition to travesty. Meanwhile, wake-up calls over floating lantern safety were heard for several years. Then last week, the need for action passed the point where no involved official could laughingly brush it aside. From now on, any serious problem resulting from hot-air lanterns will be the fault of this government and its ministers.

  • The fine line between teaching and cheating

    06 Jan 2015 : When I was a second-grader, I remember being assigned by my art teacher to draw an image of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. What's an eight-year-old to do? I told my mother to help me out.

  • post bag

    Postbag : No cars in parks

    05 Jan 2015 : I was shocked to see a TV broadcast showing a male elephant shoving a car on the road leading to Khao Yai National Park.


    Indonesia is wrong

    05 Jan 2015 : The South China Sea, already one of the most tense areas of the world, became more dangerous last month. The well-known problems revolve around China's aggressive insistence that it owns every island and shoal and pretty well every square kilometre of seabed.

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