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  • EDITORIALFacts about condoms

    31 Jan 2015 : Facts and proven practices should prevail over outdated attitudes and unfounded fears in a long overdue plan to install condom vending machines in schools.

  • PostbagPostbag: Anguish for the future

    31 Jan 2015 : All those who have criticised the comments by US envoy Daniel Russel during his visit to Thailand should read Songkran Grachangnetara’s article, “Only real democracy will solve Thailand’s problems” on Thursday. It’s the most powerful he has written so far. The article clearly illustrates Mr Songkran’s anguish at the current plight of his country, and his concerns for the future will be shared by many of Thailand’s friends abroad.

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    Cycling plan lacks urgency

    13 Dec 2014 : Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha's plan to make the expansion of bike lanes throughout the country an urgent national agenda item is a welcome move.

  • Gifts? Not really

    12 Dec 2014 : I am already feeling suffocated by the weight of the New Year’s gifts being heaped upon me by various ministries responding to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s desire to "deliver happiness" to the Thai people.



    12 Dec 2014 : Why did Japanese punk-rock band Wat Wayhem Orchestra apologise to their Thai fans?


    Blame it on the alcohol

    12 Dec 2014 : You know what’s dumb? Alcohol, that’s what. This good-for-nothing fermented elixir only causes its imbibers to make embarrassing late-night calls, send incomprehensible text messages, and view every sweaty, overweight Sasquatch through boozy Ananda-coloured goggles.

  • Postbag

    Drop PM poll plan

    12 Dec 2014 : Re: "Poll for PM invites chaos", (Editorial, Dec 10).

  • reform

    Time to go all the way in corruption fight

    12 Dec 2014 : There has never been a better time to step up and solidify anti-corruption efforts in Thailand.

  • climate change

    The dangers of net-zero emissions

    12 Dec 2014 : The emissions from burning coal, oil, and gas are heating up our planet at such a rapid rate that increasingly volatile and dangerous climate conditions seem almost inevitable. Clearly, we have to reduce emissions fast, while developing alternative energy sources that allow us to leave fossil fuels in the ground.


    Stop slavery on our shores

    12 Dec 2014 : Mention slave labour on Thai commercial trawlers, and it evokes the images of victimised migrant workers from Myanmar and Cambodia. But recent rescue missions by labour rights groups have revealed that Thai men — and boys — are also the victims of this modern-day slave trade. Not one or two, but in the hundreds.

  • A coup, crackdowns, corruption and the clergy

    12 Dec 2014 : Time flies. I can't quite believe that we will have a New Year party in the coming weeks, as it feels like we just had one. This reminds me of the Thai saying that time always moves fast for happy people.

  • Postbag

    Postbag: Drive out road deaths

    11 Dec 2014 : I fully agree with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha that it’s always been the driver’s duty to not drive under the influence of alcohol, but most of the 300 traffic deaths that occur each New Year and Songkran are related to drink driving. We have the second highest road fatality rate in the world and must make the roads safer.

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