‘I would hate to be charged more than a resident if I visited the Eiffel Tower.’ Should the local two-tier pricing scheme be stopped? Click on ‘see result’ for story.

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  • barryw

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    Discussion 23 : 23 Jul 2012 at 12.2423

    Dis#18 - Thais are NOT poor. My landlady has a servant, something I could never afford back home. Some Thais are poor, as some Americans are poor etc etc etc. Charging by race is discrimination, pure and simple. I can perhaps accept it for government owned parks and so on, but never, ever by a business such as the aquarium at Siam Paragon or Ripley's at Pattaya. They do not get my business.

  • Discussion 22 : 23 Jul 2012 at 08.3922

    Kenny - discussion 21... Your suggestion is not only parochial but emphasizes Thai xenophobia and a reluctance to share their culture with others who wish to better understood them and thus reduce the world wide opinion that their main objective is to rip everyone off - at every given opportunity. .

  • Discussion 21 : 23 Jul 2012 at 06.1621

    Thai getting a discounted price or free entry at National Parks, monuments, palace's, Religious site's etc is I think perfectly ok after all it's their heritage, history etc. they own them.

    The normal price though should be the only one advertised, Thai get the discount by showing their ID.

  • bikeme

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    Discussion 20 : 23 Jul 2012 at 02.1520

    D15 Johninbkk - many national parks in the USA offer a locals pass at a highly discounted rate, in Hawaii they have kamaaina rates, in Florida many attractions offer local rates. It is not uncommon. But ultimately this "article" is about gathering opinions, so neither of us is right or wrong.

  • Discussion 19 : 22 Jul 2012 at 18.2219

    Interesting to read such different opinions here but I still maintain what I said in disc 3. Additionally, it seems that many who support or defend the 2 tier system really don't understand the perception it creates when you are victimized by it - maybe they have never actually been subjected to being treated that way.

    As a tourist I never really realized it but now living here I am acutely aware of it and it is very offensive. I have my Thai wife work most of it and the locals around me know me enough so I actually get treated fairly. But, no matter what, it is wrong on every level and is nothing short of pure discrimination.

  • Discussion 18 : 22 Jul 2012 at 16.0018

    To a certain extent there is a good argument for the 2 tier prices. Poor thais could not afford the prices we pay, so I am happy to subsidise them for cultural attractions and parks. However very much against being ripped off, but have found that the locals who get to know me in the shops and markets are OK.

  • Discussion 17 : 22 Jul 2012 at 15.5217

    @bikeme - Tourists are one thing. But if you can show a Thai government ID or driving licence, you should pay the Thai price. I have paid Thai income tax since the 1980s. How many Thais can say that?

  • Discussion 16 : 22 Jul 2012 at 11.4216

    bikeme 12 quoted "Plus then there is the aspect that locals pay income taxes, which in turn the various government use to subsidize operating expenses for national parks, so why not cut the locals a bit of a price break."

    I disagree about that tax statement. I pay more Thai tax in one month that what the average Thai makes in a year and showing my work permit still doesn’t get me the Thai price. Its not the price that bothers me and yes I can afford it. Its the principle of being discriminated.

  • Discussion 15 : 22 Jul 2012 at 10.4815

    bikeme 12 - In Washington DC, all public tourist attractions/museums/etc are FREE. Free for locals AND tourists.

  • bikeme

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    Discussion 14 : 22 Jul 2012 at 09.4814

    There are plenty of places in the world that have multi-tier pricing systems, it is not unique to Thailand. Many national parks and hotels offer local's pricing or a discount for locals. The biggest difference is in the presentation, they post only the regular prices. The locals know to ask for the discount and the other visitors happily pay the regular price. Marketing 101.

    Plus then there is the aspect that locals pay income taxes, which in turn the various government use to subsidize operating expenses for national parks, so why not cut the locals a bit of a price break.

    That said, I don't support hidden foreigner pricing for items, the price posted should be the price to be paid. But I see nothing wrong with offering lower prices for locals at tourist places and parks.


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