Do you support a proposed curfew for the deep South in an effort to curb the escalating violence?

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Do you support a proposed curfew for the deep South in an effort to curb the escalating violence?

Do you support a proposed curfew for the deep South in an effort to curb the escalating violence?

  • Start date:Aug 6, 2012
  • End date:Aug 8, 2012
  • Voters: 646 times
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don't know
  • I'm not familiar with the issue

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  • Discussion 14 : 09 Aug 2012 at 01.5214

    Khun Jacksprat #12, with the on-going divisive political atmosphere, the Deep South's issue will only be exploited further by all these political factions (PTP, DEMs, and PADs) as each seeks to gain a political advantage over the other. So, I think a direct democracy through a national referendum is the only way, as it bypass all political parties, and taking pressure off them. It should allow an extensive public debate of what are the pros & cons associated with either decision. The result of the referendum will tell our Military what to do, and with public support, it will be done once and for all.

  • Discussion 13 : 08 Aug 2012 at 20.4013

    Jacksprat - No one wants to give away any land but no one wants to do what is necessary to resolve the problem. Everyone is afraid to make the hard decisions and maybe lose face and that keeps the situation in perpetual paralysis (including the PV Temple)- so they are left with only an 'Ostrich' strategy.

  • Discussion 12 : 08 Aug 2012 at 19.5212

    "We need a national referendum to find out whether the majority of Thai people want ether to keep the Deep South or to set it free." Do people have any idea what Thai children are taught in school? Thailand lost too much land to the European colonialists and the kingdom with not give up one more centimeter! Why do you think people squabble over some rocky almost useless land near Preah Vihear? There is absolutely no need for a survey. I can tell you with conviction that not 1 Thai in 100 wants to declare the southernmost provinces to be an Islamic republic with all non-Muslims expelled.

  • Discussion 11 : 08 Aug 2012 at 18.1311

    It is interesting to see the the mindset of these replies. Attacks happen in daytime, but going to bed early will stop the violence & that violent people will negotiate for peace and everyone will be happy. Timothy Leary, you did your job very well.....

  • Discussion 10 : 08 Aug 2012 at 13.1610

    Curfew wont work because the attcks are occuring in broad daylight.

  • Discussion 9 : 07 Aug 2012 at 23.209

    What the insurgents want is irrelevant they are a tiny minority, what is important is what the people of the South want. At present the ordinary people are sitting on the fence and refusing to cooperate with the authorities, which is the next best thing to outright support as far as the insurgents are concerned. The solution is to give the people what they want and thus persuade them to come off the fence and side with the authorities.

    Google T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) he considered himself a terrorist and his article in Encyclopaedia Britannica on how his terrorist group operated still holds true for all terrorist groups, even today.

  • Discussion 8 : 07 Aug 2012 at 13.398

    Khun Ravbrat #1 is exactly correct. We need a national referendum to find out whether the majority of Thai people want ether to keep the Deep South or to set it free. If the decision is the former, it is very doable, given its relatively small size, but won't be pretty, as we seal off the malaysian border, impose sea blockage on both sides, while comb through ever square inches of land for weapons and terrorists. If the decision is the latter, we need to consider the possibility that the insurgency will continue beyond the territory of "Patani Raya." Then what?

  • Discussion 7 : 07 Aug 2012 at 09.547

    Thais don't seem to understand what those so called rebels in the deep south really want.. They want succeed from the Kingdom of Thailand, set up an annex Malayasian state that's controlled by Moslems, complies with the law of the Koran and usurps Buddhism... It's as simple as that.

  • Discussion 6 : 07 Aug 2012 at 09.436

    Interesting that the majority in this poll vote for a curfew. No wonder the problems of the south persist. One good start would be to tackle all the mafia factions engaged in illegal import, distribution and export businesses. One element of thuggery worth hitting hard. But this has been going on for decades fueling alot of the violence in the region.

  • robins

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    Discussion 5 : 07 Aug 2012 at 06.255

    Imposing a curfew would be an unjustified intrusion into the lives of law abiding citizens and would only serve to anger them, the criminals would ignore it anyway. This Government would never order such a draconian measure on any area that voted for the PTP, and lacks the legitimacy to impose it here. Anyone who would object to such a discriminatory curfew imposed on them should not wish it on others.


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