Do you think the relaunched 30 baht healthcare scheme will provide better service? It replaces a free universal healthcare plan that had been in use.

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Do you think the relaunched 30 baht healthcare scheme will provide better service? It replaces a free universal healthcare plan that had been in use.

Do you think the relaunched 30 baht healthcare scheme will provide better service? It replaces a free universal healthcare plan that had been in use.

  • Start date:Sep 8, 2012
  • End date:Sep 11, 2012
  • Voters: 3,248 times
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  • No
  • I don't know
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  • Discussion 31 : 12 Sep 2012 at 02.3331

    Khun Chinagirl #30, French society has evolved all right, but right off the economic cliff. The latest French election of a genuine socialist leader has all but sealed its fate from ever returning to any sense of economic sanity. Yesterday, the news broke that a French richest tycoon is seeking to become a Belgian citizen, in order to dodge the new French taxing Giyotin. The rest of his fellow tycoons either moves across the channel to the UK or the Atlantic to the US. Healthcare is not a right but a commodity. Failure to recognize that important fact only ruins and eventually bankrupts the system. At the end, you can't make something to be what it is not. Just ask the bankrupted Greeks or the bankrupting Spaniards.

  • Discussion 30 : 11 Sep 2012 at 18.1430

    ravbrat #25 France has elections and voters can change policy. The French have decided that they wish to have a medical system that does not ask for ability to pay before treatment. No normal citizen is "forced" into paying taxes for health-care, it is how their society has evolved. I doubt that very many French taxpayers begrudge helping the suffering. My colleagues and I, have private medical insurance as a taxable perk. Not once have I heard anyone complain about having to pay for state health-care too. You may wish to live in a society ruled by guns and money, but I think a safer and happier life would come from a more humanitarian and caring environment. Spiceman #27 Caring philanthropists are not just peculiar to the US. They are not the answer either.

  • Discussion 29 : 11 Sep 2012 at 17.0629

    Khun Dao #28, definitely, many Americans cross the border into Canada to take advantage of paying for cheaper medicines, but many Canadians, like that Canadian politician, seek treatment in the US, in order to stay alive. So, I guess it's just differences in urgency.

  • dao

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    Discussion 28 : 11 Sep 2012 at 14.5528

    I assure you Spiceman there are more people traveling across the border to Canada to buy cheap medicine than traveling to the states to escape Canadian healthcare .

  • Discussion 27 : 11 Sep 2012 at 13.5627

    Khun Jacksprat #26, do you think we can find generous and kind tycoons like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and those like them in Thailand?

  • Discussion 26 : 11 Sep 2012 at 12.5226

    "when most of the population is poor and doesnt pay tax" In Thailand it is the middle class that pays. The poor make too little, and the rich find ways to get out of paying.

  • Discussion 25 : 11 Sep 2012 at 11.5125

    Zulu Disc23, First I am happy to hear that you received good health care and that you are healthy again, good for you. But your story also proves our point - health care is not 'free'. Someone had to pay money so that you did not have to pay. French citizens were forced to pay taxes so you could be well again and being forced to pay is the point we say is wrong.

    If a generous individual arranged to pay for your treatment that would be a voluntary pay and that is fine and wonderful. Being forced to pay is wrong and is the issue we are against, being forced to pay violates my freedom to choose. If a female you know is violated and forced to make a choice against her beliefs - is that not wrong also?

  • Discussion 24 : 10 Sep 2012 at 16.5424

    Khun Spiceman #21 The UK NHS is not free as it is funded from National Insurance contributions. I have no idea (other than your dislike of all things UK) why you falsely claim mothers are routinely having births in bathrooms? The NHS does offer mothers a birth-pool as some prefer to have a water birth. I hope this helps.

  • Discussion 23 : 10 Sep 2012 at 16.1923

    Khun spiceman. the divert is fundamental. i am a repulican! in the original meaning. "republic" diverts from the latin "res publica" the " common affair" or "common thing". the rteason for civilisation is to administer certain tasks by the community. in my believe those common things not only include justice, defence, but also health, energy, roads, and many other things, but doesn't exlude private engagement, for an eg. extra private insurance.
    example: i had an emergency case in france, friends drove me to the next hospital: emergency room, blood infusions, everything, andi had no insurance. i whispered to an doctor " i have no insurance" he whispwered back "don't worry".they fixed me within 5 days. river seine view, 3* french food, and i have to admit very friendly french nurses. now i feel guilty. probably france went broke on me:) -have a nice day!

  • Discussion 22 : 10 Sep 2012 at 15.5422

    Khun Zulu #18, do you want to guess where OBL is right now? Also what happened to the two terrorist-sponsored regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq? Also, have you noticed that there has not been any more hijacking of jetliners in the US? Those stupid enough to try will simply get beaten up by the passengers.


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