Who do you believe could build the best proposed high-speed train linking Bangkok with the north?

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Who do you believe could build the best proposed high-speed train linking Bangkok with the north?

Who do you believe could build the best proposed high-speed train linking Bangkok with the north?

  • Start date:Dec 11, 2012
  • End date:Dec 14, 2012
  • Voters: 3,282 times
  • China
  • Germany
  • Japan

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  • Discussion 19 : 13 Dec 2012 at 01.5619

    Anyway, When will Thailand develop a train by themselves ? Already Now is the 21th century. How long shall Thais continue to buy a vehicle and a train ? When will excellent engineers and inventors be appeared in Thailand ?

  • dao

    ThailandPost : 5,680

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    Discussion 18 : 12 Dec 2012 at 22.5818

    I also agree that it should just be reliable and doesnt need to be high speed .

  • dao

    ThailandPost : 5,680

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    Discussion 17 : 12 Dec 2012 at 22.4817

    It doesnt matter .Just DO IT. Blanket the country from ports to seaside resorts to Issan from North to South .Stop the car obsession .Its not the future .Its the past .

  • Discussion 16 : 12 Dec 2012 at 21.2916

    The main problems for any contractor is environmental and terrorism.

  • Discussion 15 : 12 Dec 2012 at 18.1815

    Spiceman why are you so hung up on air travel. The fuel consumption is horrendous and we are not talking about anything that is ecologically friendly! 300 lbs per minute while still on the runway waiting to take off?!

  • Discussion 14 : 12 Dec 2012 at 16.4514

    Khun Bangmoker #13, totally agree!

  • Discussion 13 : 12 Dec 2012 at 13.5413

    I voted Germany,because german railway construction companies are some of the best in the world. Thailand does not need an expensive non-profitable high speed railway system. Thailand needs a functional,well-constructed railway system,similar to most european systems,with an average speed of 180-200 km/h,which will both generate profit for SRT/the state and satisfy costumers with efficiancy and affordable prices.

  • Discussion 12 : 12 Dec 2012 at 08.4212

    Khun Mitrapaap #11, garbage trucks in my neighborhood run on bio diesel, derived from used cooking oil from restaurants. Driving behind them sure make me hungry sometimes. We don't know yet what will replace the current oil-based jetful, until the eventuality arrives if it ever arrives at all, given the new reserves being discovered all the time, with the new detecting technology and drilling technology used to get to it. And since, it takes far less energy to carry people and freights on airplane than train at high speed, whatever new emerging fuel may be, will be used more efficiently in the former rather than the latter, don't you think

  • Discussion 11 : 12 Dec 2012 at 08.1711

    spicemen: sure, let's plant oil producing plants to fuel jet engines rather than food. Excellent idea indeed. We already got a taste of that when they started to fill car tanks with bio diesel, didn't we? Well, don't worry, the oil reserves will last longer than you and me, so why bother at all?

  • Discussion 10 : 12 Dec 2012 at 07.5910

    Khun Mitrapaap #9, sure, but when? The US is now floating on oil, as its oil reserves, new discoveries, and production is now equal and about to surpass that of Saudi Arabia. If one day, oil becomes exhausted, I am sure we will have new form of non-oil based jet fuel to replace it. It may not be as cheap, but will be the second best jet fuel after oil. Did British Airways recently successfully operate one of their jetliners using fuel derived entirely from vegetable oil? That's how flexible those jet engines are. Amazing, isn't it?


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