Do you agree with a recent editorial that outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped restore US credibility and political capital damaged under George W Bush?

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Do you agree with a recent editorial that outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped restore US credibility and political capital damaged under George W Bush?

Do you agree with a recent editorial that outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped restore US credibility and political capital damaged under George W Bush?

  • Start date:Feb 5, 2013
  • End date:Feb 6, 2013
  • Voters: 2,274 times
  • Yes
  • No
  • I'm not familiar with the issue

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  • Discussion 13 : 06 Feb 2013 at 19.5713

    Regarding her travel, if she was swanning around in Washington or New Castle NY, that would be wrong too. Travel obviously comes with the job and her exhaustive schedule has a lot to do with the reluctance of her boss to get on a plane. With the threat of the Military and Dollar incentives greatly reduced she goes into these meetings with little bargaining power. Better to judge her by 1) Does Obama think she is doing a good job? 2) Do American voters agree? 3) Has she got respect and praise from her peers?. More positive than trying to blame her for not resolving the China Sea rights claims.

  • Discussion 12 : 06 Feb 2013 at 12.3712

    I believe one should measure someones performance. 1. When she took office the Israel/Palenstine issue was on the table and still is = 0 (score out of 10). 2. Irans nuclear threat was there and still is = 0. 3. Arab spring = Bengazi and the Brotherhood in power = 0. 4. Towards the end the US/Russia relationship went backwards = 6. 5.Syria = 0. 6. Chinese claims on south sea islands = 0. 7. North Korea nuclear threat was there and still is = 0. So please tell me what she achieved accept travelling the most of any Sec. of state in history.

  • Discussion 11 : 06 Feb 2013 at 04.5811

    "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty." (JFK)

    That use to be a longstanding foreign policy approach of the US, but now can anybody tell me what is it? And it seems to me that today's US foreign policy approach is moving toward supporting any foe (tyrannical Iran) but opposing any friend (democratic Israel). So, with a friend like the US, who needs enemy?

  • Discussion 10 : 05 Feb 2013 at 23.4110

    I think she has done a remarkable job given the cards she has been dealt. We all understand why the role has changed along with the skills required to undertake the post. America has needed to focus internally and it no longer has the economic might to continue putting its military in action or to fund expensive aid programmes designed to influence world trade and development. Obama is not good at foreign policy, as his attempts to win over the Muslim world will evidence. Often it is unclear who he is supporting and hatred for America is not abating. Hillary has been fighting fires constantly and she has grown into a formidable states-person

  • Discussion 9 : 05 Feb 2013 at 11.339

    I voted yes, but her job was made much easier following on from the Bush administration, an era that will go down in history as the most widely despised US regime in modern history. An administration that treated international law with disdain.
    John Kerry's credentials are reassuring in continuing on with Clinton's work, there will be no more kowtowing to Netanyahu's apartheid policies, and his acknowledgment of the dangers of manmade climate change will eventually lead detente between the international community and the USA.

  • Discussion 8 : 05 Feb 2013 at 11.268

    Ever since President Dwight D. Eisenhower's speech in 1953 its been downhill for almost everything in the US and certainly for democracy and human rights.
    To restore the international, and national, feelings will take at least a generation and since H Clinton didn't contribute in a positive way we still have not reach zero hour.

  • Discussion 7 : 05 Feb 2013 at 09.127

    Spiceman ... who has supplied nuclear weapons to Israel and upset any possibility of a balance of power in the Middle East. Who is the only country in that area of the world that has NOT signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? Who does not submit to inspections? Who launches air strikes into a neighbouring sovereign state because the almighty THEY do not like what is going on in another country?
    I wish Mr Kerry good luck in his VERY difficult job of trying to improve the US image. Too bad they could not improve their actions and reactions in the Middle East and quit protecting the war monger nation.

  • Discussion 6 : 05 Feb 2013 at 08.216

    @spiceman #4: And who sold chemical weapons to Iraq? I guess you know already or is that part of the American history which lots of people have problems to remember?
    And about Israel: Do you think building settlements in other people territory will help the peace process? Do all the Israeli sanctions help? I know the Palestinians are not exactly innocent but bullying them more and more won’t help – and there are even some moderate Israelis who understand that.

  • Discussion 5 : 05 Feb 2013 at 08.015

    Khun Wasagabob #2, (con from #4), also have you heard of Operation Opera when the Israeli Air Force took out Saddam's nuclear reactor in 1981 a few days before it was to become operational. Saddam planned to use it as a breeder reactor to produce nuclear weapon. As a result, he was forced to do it the hard way from scratch through a long, and difficult enriching process. The US put an end to all that for good after removing him from power during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Hope this helps!

  • Discussion 4 : 05 Feb 2013 at 07.324

    Khun Wasagabob #2, have you heard of "Halabja Chemical Attack" when Saddam Hussein "tested" his WMD to instantly killed 5,000 men, women, children, dogs, cats, and every living things around that Kurdish town in 1988? The attack severely injured 10,000 more, many, permanently. Since then, Saddam had been spending enormous amount of money to acquire even more lethal form of WMDs like Anthrax and nuclear weapon. And do you agree that as soon as the Palestinians lay down their arms, there will immediately be peace in Palestine. However, as soon as, the Israelis do that, they will cease to exist?


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