You can read the Bangkok Post

You can read the Bangkok Post is a book designed for people who want to improve their English to a very high level – good enough to be able to read the Bangkok Post newspaper easily without frequent use of the dictionary. It can be used in a class, or by an individuals working by themselves without a teacher.

1. All explanations are in both Thai and English
2. All examples come directly from the Bangkok Post itself.
3. Thousands of vocabulary words are explained in both English and Thai.

Almost everything you learn in the book can be immediately applied to any issue of the Bangkok Post.

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Does it look interesting? If so, you can buy it on-line right away by clicking on the bookcover. You can also purchase the book in many stores, include Se-ed Books, Chula Book Centre, DK Today and Nai-in.

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Some pages from the book
The book begins with a short introduction to the Bangkok Post, first meeting the editor and then introducing to the various sections of the paper.

Reading the Bangkok Post is easier than you think and the next section shows you how to get started in a fun and surprisingly successful way. Notice there are plenty of activities in the book.

You can learn to read a weather report in a single lesson, about one day's work.

Next you'll learn how to read the various types of writing in the newspaper, starting with the news.

Our section editors also help you. Below the Outlook editor explains her section.

Finally, the last half of the book deals with the content you are most likely to find in the news section of the Bangkok Post.

About the author

Writer: Terry Fredrickson
Position: Education Marketing and Support Manager