Suggestions from the weekend

Over the weekend I posted a lot of different type of material from sections other than the news section.

Over the weekend I posted a lot of different type of material. First I did a lesson based on a fashion story in the Saturday Muse magazine. Features like this can be quite challenging for non-native speakers, but the photos help a lot. I defined an extra amount of vocabulary as well. Obviously a story like this will be of great interest to some students and, apart from the photos, of little interest to others.

One story which should interest just about everyone deals with the dispute between TV stars Annie and Film over Annie’s three-year-old child. This has been extensively covered in the Thai-language media so there should be no difficulties in understanding for your students.

The Sunday comics are a good source of material. A particularly good example comes from this week’s Blondie. Students get numerous examples to figure out what the words “pessimist” and “optimist” mean.

Finally, the audio files mysteriously stopped working on Sunday evening. We are still housing our audio files on our old server in the US and they might have cut us off for using too much bandwidth. Hopefully, we can move everything to the Bangkok Post server this week and that should eliminate the problem.

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