Cheapskate products

If you can invent a product that can save people money, you might be able to make a lot of money for yourself. Do you have any ideas?

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Cheapskate products

The word frugal refers to spending very little money and when you do spend you buy only things that are really necessary.

In the United States, where millions of people have lost their jobs because of the bad economy, many have been forced to become frugal.

There are some clever people who are earning money thinking up products to help them.

Take, for example, the inventor the Squeezeit product shown in the photo. As you can see, it is designed to squeeze out the last blob of toothpaste.

There is a similar product for the bathroom that helps people squeeze out suds from the last remaining pieces of soap.

Here are some more "cheapskate" gadgets:

Caps that keep the fizz in opened soda cans.

Digital day counters that count the days and hours food has been in the refrigerator, to help keep track of when milk might be in danger of going bad.

Pants extenders that let people wear their clothes even when they gain or lose weight.

Think about it. Do you have an idea for a product that can help people save money?

Adapted from an AP news agency story in the Bangkok Post's business section.

cheapskate – someone who does not like to spend money ขี้เหนียว
frugal – spending very little money and only things that are really necessary ประหยัด
inventor – someone who has designed or created something such as a machine or process that did not exist before นักประดิษฐ์
squeeze – to press something firmly, especially with your hands คั้น, บีบ
blob – a small amount of a thick liquid ก้อนกลุ่ม,  หยด
suds – a lot of small bubbles on top of water that has soap in it น้ำสบู่ที่มีฟอง
gadget – a small tool or piece of equipment that does something useful or impressive   อุปกรณ์ขนาดเล็ก, กลไกขนาดเล็ก
fizz – a lot of small gas bubbles on the surface of a liquid that burst and make a soft noise ดังซ่า (น้ำอัดลม) 
keep track of – to have or get all the information that you need about something ติดตาม, เฝ้าสังเกต
pants – trousers; a piece of clothing covering the body from the waist to the feet, divided into separate parts for each leg and worn by both men and women กางเกง
extender – something which helps something last longer or to increase in size ขยายออกไป ยืดออกไป

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