Suggestions for teachers and parents (Sept 28)

I used the Film Annie activity I mentioned last night with one addition – the very latest news from the Thai media which the students explained to me in English.

As I mentioned last night, I had planned to try out my lesson plan for using the last week’s three Film-Annie stories with my new class for Bangkok Post employees. That I did, beginning with the direct-indirect speech exercise I detailed last night . Most students picked up on this very well and we were able to proceed quite quickly.

I made one change, however, which worked extremely well. In checking out the Matichon website earlier in the afternoon I had noticed that there was a major development in the Film-Annie story in which Annie was accused of having affairs with four men, each time claiming she was pregnant. Thus, at the end of the class I brought up the story on the Matichon site and had the students read it in Thai. Since I claimed I couldn’t read the story, I had them explain it to me in English using indirect speech.  The students did very well – an obvious high-interest activity. There is nothing better than fresh news to keep students awake.

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Writer: Terry Fredrickson
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