Sauce causes pile-up

TOKYO: A load of mayonnaise falling off the back of a lorry caused an eight-vehicle pile-up, leaving three people injured.

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The accident, involving a motorcycle, two trucks and five cars, closed part of a two-lane highway for five hours early on Saturday in Hyogo prefecture.

‘‘What probably happened is that cars travelling behind the truck squashed the bottles of mayonnaise, spreading it on the road,’’ a police spokesman said.

The sauce’s ingredients of eggs, vinegar and oil mean it is more slick and dangerous than snow, he said. Police were searching for the truck driver, he added. AFP

sauce – a liquid food that you put on other foods to give them a particular flavour  น้ำปรุงรส, ซอส
mayonnaise – a thick white sauce made from egg yolks and oil, eaten especially with salads and cold food  น้ำสลัดชนิดข้น, มายองเนส
lorry – a truck; a large road vehicle used for carrying goods รถบรรทุก
prefecture – one of the districts into which some countries are divided อำเภอ
squash – to damage something by pressing or crushing it and making it lose its normal shape  บด, บีบ, คั้น
ingredients – foods that are used with other foods in the preparation of a particular dish ส่วนประกอบ
slick – smooth and shiny or wet and slippery ลื่นเป็นมัน, เป็นเงา, เป็นมัน, เกลี้ยงเป็นมัน

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