Suggestions for teachers and parents (November 12)

Today’s Easy English news is a very complete lesson with text, audio and video.

If you need something to teach in a hurry, take a look at Easy English News for today:  It is a shortened version of today’s main front page story on the proposed new flood control system for Bangkok. As usual there is mp3 audio for the story but I have also added today’s NBT Channel 11 English news report produced by the Bangkok Post. The first news item is on the new system. Have the students listen for additional information. They can also see the original story here: What additional information does it contain? A lot.

This weekend, I’ll also have a lesson based on a multi-media presentation on the flooding in Korat, so watch for that. The students will be given the task of reading the English-language script to replace the English-language subtitles.

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Writer: Terry Fredrickson
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