Suggestions for teachers and parents (November 23)

Today, we have our first articles from student reporters. Your students can submit their stories as well.

I finish my class for Bangkok Post employees on Thursday and after that I’ll have more time for updating this section of the site.

Student stories:

Today I want to be sure you look at our main story – actually two stories from Thai secondary school students. It is a great example of what you your students can submit as well. Just make sure they have a story that will be of interest to an international audience and that it doesn’t go much beyond 350 words.

In this case, the two young girls did a very nice job but I did do quite a bit of editing to clean up the language and to cut down the stories to a manageable size. I got the main photo from the Bangkok Post archives, but it would be best if your students could submit their own photos.

One thing I don’t want: I don’t want teachers to start sending in dozens of student essays for me to look at.
That happened when I was editor of the learning post and I couldn’t keep up. I only want one or two very good stories that students have work hard on.

For details on how to submit stories, click here:

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