Try, try and try again

Department of Special Investigation chief Tharit Pengdit seems determined to see core red-shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan behind bars.

Puea Thai Party list MP Jatuporn Prompan shows two court petitions he submitted yesterday appealing for justice after the Department of Special Investigation sought to revoke his bail. APICHART JINAKUL

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Try, try and try again

Tharit Pengdit

Department of Special Investigation chief Tharit Pengdit seems determined to see core red-shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan behind bars.

Unlike other key red-shirt leaders like Nattawud Saikua and Dr Weng Tojirakan who have been detained since their Ratchaprasong protest site was closed on May 19th, Mr Jatuporn has been protected by his immunity as a member of parliament. He has been free on bail of one million baht.

Mr Jatuporn has used his freedom to mount a series of attacks on the fairness of the DSI investigation and, according to Mr Tharit, he is also making life difficult for people giving evidence against him.

With parliament now in recess, Mr Jatuporn no longer enjoys immunity and Mr Tharit wants the Criminal Court to revoke his bail. When the Office of the Attorney General refused to make the request last week, Mr Tharit said he would personally go to court to make the request himself.

Yesterday he did.  Mr Tharit lodged a petition with the Criminal Court to revoke Mr Jatuporn’s bail.

He told the Court that  Mr Jatuporn had violated several bail conditions. He said the MP kept telling the media that law enforcement officers had treated him unfairly and applied double standards in dealing with red shirt supporters. Mr Jatuporn had incited red shirt supporters to rally against the DSI and Bangkok Remand Prison and intimidated a key witness in the terrorist case, Methee Amornwutthikul.

The Court, however, was not convinced and refused to accept the petition, the second time it has done so this month. The court said in its ruling yesterday it had not found any convincing reason to revoke the bail.

Clearly frustrated, Mr Tharit said outside the court that he was not giving up. He said he would compile more witness testimony and evidence before asking the court once again to revoke the MP’s bail.

Adapted from a story in today's Bangkok Post.

petition – an official document in which you ask a court to take legal action คำร้องต่อศาล
submit – to formally give something to someone so that can make a decision about it ยื่น (เอกสาร) เพื่อการพิจารณา
appeal – to make an urgent request ร้องขอ
justice - fairness in the way people are dealt with ความเป็นธรรม, ความถูกต้อง, ความยุติธรรม
revoke – to say something is officially no longer legal ยกเลิก, เพิกถอน
bail – money that is given to a court when someone is allowed to stay out of prison until their trial. If they do not return for the trial, the court keeps the money  เงินประกัน; การประกันตัว
Department of Special Investigation – a police department investigating serious crimes involving influential people, organised crime, or crimes using highly sophisticated technology กรมสอบสวนคดีพิเศษ
determined - wanting to do something very much and not letting anyone or any difficulties stop you ตั้งใจจริง, ซึ่งมุ่งมั่น
core leader – one of the most active or most important leaders of a group แกนนำ
behind bars – in prison การจำคุก
detained – kept in a place and not allowed to leave, e.g., in prison กักตัว ควบคุมตัวหรือฝากขัง
protest – a meeting or rally, sometimes forceful or violent, of people who strongly disagree with something ชุมนุมประท้วง
protest site – a place where a large public gathering happens สถานที่ชุมนุม
immunity (from prosecution) – a situation where someone cannot be taken to court and punished for breaking the law ได้รับความคุ้มครอง
mount – to organise and begin an activity or event  เริ่มปฏิบัติการ
evidence – facts statements or objects that help to prove whether or not someone has committed a crime หลักฐาน
recess – a period of time in the year when the members of a lawmaking body or a court are not meeting ข่วงระหว่างการปิดประชุม, ช่วงระยะเวลาที่ศาลปิด
Attorney General – the top legal officer in some countries, who advises the leader of the government อัยการสูงสุด
lodge – to formally make something such as a complaint or a claim  ยื่น (คำร้อง)
violate – to do something that is against a law, agreement, principle, etc. ละเมิดกฎหมาย
condition – something that must be done before another thing can happen เงื่อนไข
media – newspapers, television, radio, etc. สื่อ
law enforcement officers – police and other officials responsible for making sure laws are obeyed
double standard – a rule or standard of good behaviour which, unfairly, some people are expected to follow or achieve but other people are not สองมาตรฐาน
incite – to encourage people to be violent or commit crimes by making them angry or excited ยั่วยุ ยุยงให้เกิดความรุนแรง
rally – to join a public meeting that a lot of people go to in order to support someone or protest against someone or something ชุมนุม
remand prison – a place where people are kept while they wait for the date of their trial สถานที่ขังระหว่างรอการพิจารณาคดี
intimidate– to deliberately make someone feel frightened, especially so that they will do what you want ขู่ขวัญ
witness – someone who tells a court or investigators what they know about a crime พยาน
terrorist – of someone who uses violence in order to  achieve political aims ผู้ก่อการร้าย
convinced – certain; sure แน่ใจ, มั่นใจ
refuse – to say you will not do something that someone has asked you to do ปฏิเสธ
ruling – a decision by a court of law คำตัดสิน คำชี้ขาด
frustrated – feeling annoyed and impatient because you are prevented from achieving something หงุดหงิดใจ
compile – to collect information from different places and arrange it in a book, report or list รวบรวม
testimony – a formal statement about something that you say, know or experienced, usually given to a court of law คำให้การ

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